Sunday, 19 August 2012


The hot handsome sexy gorgeous mountain of huge pumped shredded superhuman muscle mass that is Canadian bodybuilding muscle boy superstar Antoine Vaillant dug out his bright shiny tiny sticky hard striated glute hugging posing trunks this weekend to compete at the Canadian Nationals. Antoine won the Super Heavyweight class and the overall, earning Antoine both his pro card & the status of IFBB PRO bodybuilder!! In celebration, I'll be doing nothing but Antoine posts for the next week!

To kick things off, a selection of my favourite Antoine pics, past and present. Pics of Antoine squeezing his hard pumped skin stretching guns, pics of Antoine letting rip on stage in the most incredible shredded condition, candid/phone pics of Antoine showing off his insanely HOT pumped roided man meat, pics of Antoine in hot designer undies I have the urge to rip off with my teeth & pics of Antoine squeezing his jaw dropping, eye popping, trunk spunking super-pumped, hyper-masculine, uber-human roid injected BEEF.


Links to my past Antoine Vaillant posts:


  1. addict, you couldn't have picked anyone better for a week of muscle rutting to look forward to. he is by far beyond the young, handsome, stunning, gorgeous, luscious, butch, muscled, pumped to the brink, sweat drenched, carved granite, premium muscled slab of meat in pouch, worshipers dream of dream. thanks, your the best.

  2. Let's add - ripped, sexy, uber-butch, roided, striated, shredded, bulging, veined, god-like, wide, perfect veed, rippling, cream generating and spunk inducing, pec-a-licious, quadnificent....Oh God! a week of this willleave me drained and exhausted and sooo happy. Thanks MA!!!!

  3. In photo 1 - in those distressingly baggy shorts which is his dick and which is the giant banana? Or maybe he's just extra extra pleased to see us all. Hi Antoine!

  4. Picture 18 - yes! the red underpants! That's a big bulge that we'd all like to give the attention it deserves! Oh! and by the way, don't you just love the nipples on this man? Also deserving of a huge amount of attention!

  5. let's add, my tongue wedged between those steel ripped, shredded, vice flexing glutes, catching every bead of young muscle sweat raining down his young barn wide granite back while he's pumping, squezzing, flexing and screaming out those last super heavy reps. this will, as the others said, a week of filling the cum durms. addict, your the best when it cums to draining us.

  6. yes the red underpants!!!! but the hands on hips with red posers. can't stop squirming and panting over that slab of young granite muscle builder man meat stretching those posers. who's the luckiest dumb bitch that can taste that anytime while he keeps flexing, posing and sweating. BIG WIN with antoine, a gift from the GOD'S.

  7. Really.. great body.. awesome picture.

  8. Picture 1, is hot, we get to see some hair in his pits and chest (which is understandably rare for a bodybuilder at his level).

    I think he looks hotter with the beard, than without it.

    He has shown he looks good in whatever guise he chooses to portray himself. With the baseball cap and headphones, he looks very street, and credible with it too.

    My favourite is a more stripped down, and steely version, as in pic 3. The grimace of delight, the shredded physique, a most muscular and a raging hard-on. Is enough to cause emissions from male spectators.

    MuscleAddict you're the ruler of baring muscle physiques of the extraordinary variety for male muscle loving eyes and other senses.



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