Friday, 20 July 2012


A number of times when I've spoken to you guys/fans of the blog through comments on here, or on Youtube/Facebook, I've had requests/suggestions for blog posts! The idea which has been requested more than any other is....a post on veiny bodybuilders!! As I love freakishly vascular muscle beasts myself I thought it was about time to give you guys what you want!!

So here it is...a collections of pics of outrageously nasty, freakishly veiny bodybuilders/human road maps/muscle freaks who look like they have a thousand snakes running under their bronzed paper thin skin!

It doesn't get much freakier or nastier than this! Those of a nervous disposition look away now...


  1. OH YEAH!!!This is THE spunk wrenching, cream drenching post I've been waiting for. More veins, more vascularity please! I just love this mind blowing freakiness and weirdery and I would love to trace these rope-like conduits with the tip of my hot tongue. Thank you Addict!

  2. OH YEAH!!!! right on, this is muscle worship at its OPTIMUM. super huge, thick, granite slabs of mouth watering vascular beef. beautiful pumped, tanned, oiled, sweat drenched muscle gods, trained beyond the brink of human endurance. gorgeous polished skin stretched so tight that it highlights their rank in muscledom, what i love, those beautiful MUSCLE STRIPES/stretch marks. stripes to be cleaned only with a tongue. this post is as great as those luscious posts on glutes. great job addict. thanks.

  3. In short :

    Dense full muscles + big veins = GRRRR, WOOF!!!!

    Click here for an example of full, dense, muscle capped with veins.

    and another one.

    Click here for the second example

    my favourite from this post is this one.

    Click here for vascular legs and calves.

    Big legs do it for me, and big veiny legs muscles are a notch higher. (I believe they are Jason Huh's legs, he is a one of my favourites).

    I also like to see veins where it is unusual to see them, ie on lats, lower back and hamstrings. Ben Pakulski is a fine example of that. I've no pics to demonstrate that, apologies.

    Thanks Muscle Addict


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