Sunday, 22 July 2012


One of the things I love the most about doing this blog is the amazing feedback I get from you guys/readers/followers/fans of the site, whether it's through messages on Facebook & YouTube, or, of course, through all the fucking AWESOME comments you guys leave on the posts!! Some of your thoughts/words/descriptions are just fucking incredible! There's been some insanely awesome/funny/quirky/creative/thoughtful/insightful/HOT comments posted and I can't thank you guys enough for them!

Below this latest feast of roided up muscle monsters are just *some* of my all time favourite comments! And if you're a regular commenter of the blog and I haven't quoted one of yours, *please* don't be offended as I seriously love & appreciate them all, but there's so fucking many I had to keep it to a minimum and just quote some of the ones that really made an impression on me!

And here are those aforementioned comments...

Brilliant pic compilation! Each pic had me glued to my seat... By a thin string of glistening glue from my groin! By awesomemusclz

These men are gods and they deserve our humble offerings. He's already had mine - three times today! The "spunkometer" went into overdrive gauging the appropriate measure. By Anonymous

WTF!!! incredible.....i want every f*cker here!! but top of the pile those daddies.....muscle maturity, massive , rock solid, vein plastered, big vascular bastards. come here need to know what it is to be appreciated!! X By Anonymous

OMG.... someone please bring a mop and bucket to clean up the cum from the floor in front of me. By Anonymous

This blog rocks!! Best muscle blog EVER!! And I especially love this 'at home' post. So incredibly hot to see an ABNORMALLY muscular, covered in Glad Wrap skin, tanned and oiled bodybuilder in such an ordinary surrounding as a living room or kitchen By Anonymous

Fucking gorgeous. Size, looks, veins, striations, beautiful posing and sooo cute. Well filled posers too - what more can we ask for. Next holiday in Russia!! By Anonymous

 Now you're talking my language! I'd love to run my fingers over each striation, feeling the corded beef. Then try to push my fingers between those hard glutes and not succeed. Fuck yeah! By muscledlust

So fucking hot! Just reading this post made me hard. All those gorgeous beasts with their muscle exploding bodies in one video is a major cum teaser. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! By Cochynolo

It's kind of surprising there hasn't been any reported incident of people randomly jumping towards him and touching his muscles like there's no tomorrow. Because I know I would. I wonder what kind of bed does he sleep on because that thing needs a lot support for it not to brake. The photo on the beach where his relaxing in the chair with his equally incredible friend is by far the most cock-hardening photo ever. By the way, excellent text. It really made me laugh. By Cochynolo

just discovered this mountain of meat the other day! the back and shoulders on this f*cker are so grotesquely obscene they make me drool!! and where did you get the photos of this pumped up bastard relaxing on the beach! WOAH!! having problems here!! X By Anonymous

Lots of first class muscle. These giants make a perfect example of what nature truly considers as a male human. Massive alpha roided beasts that can easily squeeze all the cum from any muscle lover's balls. By Cochynolo

Fuck yeah! For me though, glutes are number one. Seeing a pair of super striated, hard mounds of pure muscle turns me on like nothing else. Especially, (like you said) when they tuck in their tiny posers into their crack and show it all off! By muscledlust

Fuck me gently! This was so hottt!!! Sticky keyboard again. This blog just gets better and better. Sometimes I'm almost too weak to type a message! By Anonymous

Fan-bloody-tastic. This blog must be doing a hell of a lot for kleenex shares - at least in this house. We're using a box a week to mop up our appreciation of these super heroes. Keep at it Muscle Addicts cos we need you. By Anonymous

Indeed! It's been muscles to spare this last week and what better embodiment of that than the biggest/thickest/beefiest/juiciest/most-load-claiming muscle-lad that is Alexey. FUCK that body is so ball-emptying and when you factor in THE cutest damn face, like EVER, well it's a wonder there are any straight men left in the world with gay wet dreams in human form like Big Al waddling around. I know if I attempted to plough that enormous pair of butt-hams he has the cheek to call his arse I'd be swallowed whole into that meaty crack of doom never to be seen or heard from again.....but what a way to go! Love him, want him, need him. By showmethemuscle

There isn't an INCH of a bodybuilder's huge bulging frame I don't find mind-fuckingly horny but if we're talking the best of the very best then my 'holy trinity' of beef has got to be bi's, pecs and glutes, the order of which depends on my mood and the lad in question. That said it's VERY rare a huge set of hard sweaty juicy beefy arse-hams don't invoke spunkage on my part so I might have to say glutes are no. 1 for me. But when the alternative is a set of massive twitchy bounceydelts, forearms, abs, intercostals, quads, calves and, last but by no means least, barn-door fucking backs! FUCK I LOVE MUSCLE! By showmethemuscle

I can't get enough Nasser! The guy is THE ultimate muscle daddy, so handsome/mature in looks and so inhuman/monstrous in body; it's a lethal combo that leaves a lad like me big in the willy and drippy in the bell-end. And don't even get me started on Mr. Fux! The guy is grotesque in the extreme, totally and utterly obscene, appallingly enormous, just horrific. And as if offending my delicate sensibilities with his freaky hugeness wasn't bad enough he also, rather disturbingly, has the ability to spontaneously shrink my boxers every time I clap eyes on his mammoth body. Scary! Ah I'm only kidding J-P, I love yas just as much as Nasser really! What a pair of total and utter muscle gods, LOVE 'em both! By showmethemuscle

Awesome blog man! I love it and love your comments and pix! You're the master! I've worshiped muscle all my life and share your same insatiable lust for muscle... Nasser is a GOD and I have worshiped him for years! Nice job paying tribute to the muscleman of musclemen! Very cool... Keep up the great work! By Anonymous

geeeez!! what a post! i've always been totally in awe of these two freaks. i LOVE nasser........complete hard monster....intelligent man, speaks untold languages, the specs.......GRRRRRRR......perfect combination of fucked up hardman muscle and intelligent science geek, like he's the result of one of his own experiments!! he always wore the best posing trunks.....tiny and sticky....always showed him off to the max! i used to get off on an amazing pic i had of him....he was hitting a crab shot, amazing most muscular....totally ripped, every single part of his body was hard and fat free. he was stood straining on some steps outside and everyone around was staring at him. wish i could find that pic! and then we have jean pierre....pumped up and bulbous....great trunks again....and yeah...very cute face!! where as nasser had the kind of hard muscle you'd break your knuckles against, j.p. had muscle you could bounce off!! muscle for every occasion depending in the mood you were in. By Anonymous

'Braun' rhymes with 'brawn' (which PJ has in spades) which rhymes with 'horn' (which PJ gives me) which rhymes with 'torn' (which the crotch of my boxers have) which rhymes with 'porn' (which PJ is hotter than) which rhymes with 'corn' (which PJ is fed on) which rhymes with 'born' (which I'm glad PJ was) and so on..... By showmethemuscle

This is what it's all about. Perfect muscle butts eating that tiny fabric. All bodybuilders should bend over at least once while on stage. What a beautiful view that would be. There's nothing I appreciate more on a bodybuilder than a big juicy bubble butt. Just sit on my face big man and I'll be cumming like a waterfall. Fabulous post bro. By Cochynolo

I'm afraid bois i have a confession of my own......i'm mad about muscle too.... massive juiced up roids bois rock my world.... i see them at the gym and rush home to this blog to feed my obsession..... i dream about injecting juice into my veins and feeling what it must be like in the gym on juice fucking lifting massive weights and my body growing like a weed.... i live for muscle every day from my earliest of memory..... roids absolutly rock and i love hearing about lads who inject the liquid muscle juice.... are there any blogs on juice using stories....perhaps we should right one for the fiction section of this blog....btw the blog rocks and is to die for bois.... its always fresh and the anticipation i feel when i log on to see my muscle bois and their comments is sooooo teasing..... live to worship lads:) Jim By pak00

God yeah! I live to worship too. I love this blog and get off to it regularly. This is a great post. Beef combined with crazy vascularity really sends me wild. I love 'em freaky, huge, pumped, scary and monstrous. That's what we get here!Thanks By Anonymous

Damn what a cutie! And his brother is just as friggin' gorg! That's some gene pool! I wouldn't mind being the meat in a 'Ludovic/Greggy' sandwich I can tell you, though it's really they who would be providing the meat of course, and prime beef at that! Let's hope these lads go fucking crazy and pump/roid themselves to Hell and back and put on some seriously outrageous/grotesque/ridiculous size to compliment those beautiful mugs! Throb! By showmethemuscle

bodybuilding is both a sport and an art form. that said, i find my self attracted to bodybuilders who have gone beyond the norm, especially those who have challenged and succeeded in pushing themselves above and beyond their limits, with whatever means necessary - legally or illegally! for me, proportionate physiques are not for me, if i liked that look, i would have gone for the "physique" competitors, who are nothing more than more muscular versions of GQ models. no my inspirations and aspirations tend to favor the current MASS MONSTERS, the ROID FREAKS, the JUICE MONKEYS, the JACKED BULLS By RR

God damn! That muscle mutant just made me cream my shorts. Fucking love your posts, but this freak beats them all. From his freaky ridged head and gurning face to his bulging posers and flared lats - he's a beautiful, ugly sexy fucking monster. WOOF!!! By Anonymous

Nothing like it, seeing a muscled guy walking in his posers, and his bubbled, muscled ass cheeks rubbing against one another, accompanied by freaky legs and awesome back - are just the business. Bodybuilders with big legs and bubbled asses win over those with string bean legs and masssive arms. If the guys have massive legs and toros - then that is ideal. But I won't passover a guy with quality wheels. MuscleAddict, you're a man who likes alot of what I like. The sexual appreciation as well as the muscle attraction of this board, is great. A great release for those who appreciate undiluted, raw male muscle and in an unapologetic form By oceej

Have MERCY! If Seth gets any fucking cuter/huger/hotter I'm going to lose my mind...well, my load at any rate! Blimey he's a spunky lad, just so damn cute/handsome and all-American but there's a total and utter FREAK just dying to get out! And given the rate at which he's packing on the lad-meat of late I don't think it will be long before he pumps himself into a complete and utter muscle monster...actually scratch that, I've seen the above pics and it's too late! BEEF MONSTER ALERT! By showmethemuscle



  1. I have to admit that sometimes comments really enhance these great photos. It's mind-boggling how a couple of words can take over your imagination. I'm mainly here for my daily dose of muscle juice, but ever since I noticed your great sense of writing all the posts afterwords came to life. Even more recently with cock-hardening user comments.
    And if anyone wants to know, that hot Iranian looking stud (also featured in one of previous posts) is actually from Kuwait. His name is Ahmad Ashknani and has been recently featured on Worldwide Bodybuilders, also a nice muscle blog.

    1. Thanks Cochynolo & 100% agree..the comments/words/thoughts posted by you guys here really enhance the pics/muscle freaks featured & often make them *even* hotter!

    2. Oh and thanks for the ID on that insanely HOT bodybuilder..I've been trying to find out his name! I might have to give him his own post soon!

    3. That would be great. Looking forward to that post if you decide to make one. He's really bad ass. Would be nice to be caught in an elevator for couple of hours with Mr. Ashknani. He would eventually accept being worshiped by a guy because it counts more if another man approves you and admires your physique more than some random slut. I bet every know and then he yearns for some firm hands touching his pecs, biceps and enjoying the opium of his body scent

  2. OH!!!! the first pic of ANTOINE, muscled dream of dreams, that hands of hips most muscular, the most suckable muscled nipples in bodybuilding, and LOOK at that 12 o'clock muscled rail in those red posers. wish my lips were super clued to the throbbing head of that muscled meat rod, and his super sexy french canadian accent drives me nuts. great post addict, and really enjoyed all the past comments.

  3. Where has this blog been all my life? Been scouring for my daily dose of muscledom on so many other blogs and youtube (which led me here) and I'm JUST finding you? Yes the comments do enhance the post in a circle jerk kind of way, reading how so many of us are utterly entranced by superhuman muscle godliness takes some of us to even higher heights of pleasure. I'm so fu(king at home! The only way this post could have been better for me is if it had the links to the posts that inspired the words, but that's probably too much for a newbie to ask!

    1. Welcome to the blog dude & thanks for the awesome comment! I can't promise a daily dose of roided up BEEF monsters but I try to update the blog about 2-3 times a week!! I'm always encouraging guys to tell me what they'd like to see on the blog etc. so any suggestions/ideas let me know!

  4. Wow, MuscleAddict consistency is an in-built thing wit you.

    Top marks for handing over the dialogue to the readers. Those were some choice comments you chose.

    RR for his heavy-weight, no nonsense, seriousness manner in which he expresses his lust.

    Showmethemuscle for his light-hearted but equally ernest appreciation of super muscular males.

    Cochynolo, with his humourous and yet accurate quips about what he (and many of us like to see).

    Pak00, for his almost innocent and youthful description of admiration for this level of muscular development in a man.

    Can't really comment on the Anonymous one's because, it's hard to distinguish one from another. Nevertheless, they are characterised by being all good.

    I really enjoy reading your comments (ie what turns you on). I may not always agree on every point, but I can appreciate what you admire. Sometimes, I even warm to them more than was previously the case, as in with Michael Kefalianos, and Evan Centopani.

  5. I agree with in2...this is the site I've always wanted to exist. Great work Addict! I love that it's a place for obsessed muscle fans to cum together to bone up over the beefiest, most shredded and striated muscle on the net. I cum gallons to these pics.... Grrrrrrr. Keep up the posts and the chatter.

    Addict - ever think about setting up a forum or chat room so fellow jackers can meet up.


    1. Thanks dude! Really appreciate the comment :) I have thought about a forum..they're really easy to set up. I'm not really sure how popular it would be though & wether people would use it because the number of guys who comment on here is a very small percentage of the number of people who actually visit the site.


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