Sunday, 1 July 2012


If you're a regular viewer of my blog, chances are you'll have visited some of the other muscle blogs the net has to offer. If not, I highly recommend checking out the following...

Never 2 Big

Hands down one of the best muscle blogs out there and a personal favourite of mine. Regular posts with awesome pics of all the best bodybuilders. It's also a great resource for bodybuilding websites with loads of links on the blog. A must visit for any genuine muscle fan and all around amazing blog!


Another one of my favourite blogs, run by a muscle fan from Greece. This blog features a real mixture of awesome, hot bodybuilders, from lesser known guys to more well known muscle monsters. Judging by the amount of followers it's a really popular blog too, and it's not hard to see why!  Another awesome blog!!


This blog is all about the pics! It's a really generous blog, with regular posts featuring loads of pics of the hottest muscle freaks. The author has got great taste & I've even discovered a couple of bodybuilders on this blog who I previously hadn't heard of!

Worldwide Bodybuilders

An awesome blog for discovering great bodybuilders from around the globe! Like the previous blog I've found some really hot bodybuilders on this site I hadn't previously heard of. Amazing bodybuilders. Fantastic pics. Awesome blog.

Almost Perfect

Long before I started my own blog I used to come across this awesome site all the time when searching for pics of bodybuilders on the net. There are some incredible pics on this site, mostly magazine scans from the author. You will find pretty much any top, pro bodybuilder on this site, as well as a few lesser known guys on this fantastic beef packed blog.

And these are also fantastic blogs well worth a regular visit:

BODYBUILDER1, Musclelicious, Bodybuilders & Muscle Men, Male Rush: Hot Men, Unlimited, Maximum Muscles, BIG only - heavyweight bodybuilders, roided monsters, XMUSCLES, Muscled Lust.

Over to the BEEF...

And if you like my "Muscle Pic Collection" posts, you might like the "Week of Muscle" posts I did a few months ago where I posted some pics every day for a week. In case you missed them, or if you liked them & you feel like re-visiting them, here are some links:









  1. Well I agree that the blogs you've mentioned are pretty cool, but none of them hold a pair of sweaty, tan and oil-smeared posing trucks to this blog! And this represents yet another awesome post on THE best muscle-blog in town! Pic-wise, although ALL the above pics are incredible, the last one of the guy with his hard pumped-up ass out and MASSIVE triceps on show has me panting! Who the FUCK is that?!?! :-)

  2. Who's the magnificent Eastern Europe looking muscle god wearing blue posers? He's in pictures 9, 10, 12, 17, 26 and 32. I just finished masturbating on this breathtaking roided beast (obvious by his huge gut) and am eager to know his name for even more moments of joy.

  3. Agreed Showmethemuscle, this blog is in a class by itself.

    Have a read of the comments here.

    Testosterone laden, and cum drenched stuff!! It is intoxicating.

    I've not read anything like that elsewhere. That combined with the fact that the subject is Ben Pakulski (one of my favourite bodybuilders). Took the level of arousal to a point previously unknown.

    This blog is a standout, and what's more MuscleAddict isn't above taking influences from elsewhere to further enrich his already good blog.

    Thanks MuscleAddict.

  4. Hey MA!! Do you ever think of the gallons of cum you cause to be spilt by your fellow muscle fans. I agree with showmethemuscle about the naked guy showing ass and tris. Nut busting yet again!

  5. Hi Cochynolo! Does it take you to greater heights of spunk drenched ecstasy it you can scream the BB's name as you reach climax?I wish I could provide the info as the blue trunked roided gut guy is a really hot cutie.

    1. You bet. Besides, knowing the name I might find some more sources with photos and videos of this muscle hunk. I want to worship his big roided gut and bump my head against it while I suck his tiny cock and lick his shrunken balls. He deserves to be admired and worshipped over and over. Don't you think?

    2. Yeah! agreed. Let's hope the shrunken balls yield up a nice thank-you to the expert lust craved worshipper that I know you must be!

  6. Some great comments as always guys! I'm always really flattered & humbled when people tell me how good they think the blog is..especially as I havn't really being going at it for long! You guys are awesome and these comments and your input add so much to the blog & make it so much fucking better! Thanks guys.

    Unfortunately I don't know who Mr Traps 'n' Ass is! That goes for the incredibly hot fucker in the shiny blue trunks with the roid gut and the nasty veins, caked in the perfect tan & oil and who looks like he's made of marble. I love the last pic of him where he's being fed the bottle of coke, like he's such a superior muscle freak he has a crew who go around with him and do everything for him, feed/clothe and attend to his every need while they look on in awe, envy and arousal at this hot superior being!!

    All I know is he's an Arabian bodybuilder, I've tried searching for a name but to no luck! I do have a couple of more pics of him though so look out for those if you're a fan!

  7. OH YEA!!!!! the last shot, posing at home. i dream of the question, honey will you put the coat of tanning oil on while i go through my manatory poses, and i don't want any tan line. OMG yes, yes, yes, 24/7 YES. great job addict as usual, your the best.


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