Thursday, 12 July 2012


I have no idea why Hungary produces so many top quality roid gobbling, beef squeezing, tiny shiny posing trunk sporting, t-shirt ripping, door frame destroying, trunk spunking, ball emptying muscle beasts! Maybe the country is led by a twisted muscle loving president/dictator who has made it illegal for any man NOT to consume 70,000 calories a day, shove a truck load of roids up his ass, and pump himself up to monstrous proportions.

There are of course the obvious well known much loved Hungarian muscle freaks here, like half-man half-monster Daniel Toth, who flexes and squeezes every huge pumped muscle with so much pride joy cockiness and power, stupidly handsome pumped up pretty boy Peter Molnar with his TINY wait and HUGE everything else, the handsome/sexy, always shredded and cut to fucking fuck ball of beef Steve Namat and the ever cocky, beautiful mountain of mass muscle meat/Stud-Zilla/Muscle God from Heaven Zoltan Voros, but there are also a fair few lesser known Hungarian hotties worthy of a bit of worshipping featured.

Look out for the hot piece of cute man beef that is Zoltan Toth (the guy in the 2nd pic), his conditioning is amazing, his vascularity is insane (see pic 30 for the proof) and he has one HELL of a hot muscled bootie on him (perfectly showcased in pic 35...BOING)! There's also the huge daddy-esque hottie Mihaly Kormany, he's the big bastard showing off those freaky shredded ridiculously tanned tree trunk quads in pic 9, showing us what an outrageously cocky fucker he is squeezing out that awesome abs & thighs in those HOT lil' shiny silver trunks (OH MOMMA) in pic 14 and squeezing out that big monster Most Muscular in pic 28! And lastly there's Istvan Polyak, the pumped up "little" rotten cutie muscle boy in pic 5. Ripped..pumped..tanned...and so damn fucking CUTE. I can't pronounce his name so I've given him a nickname. Cutie McBeefy Bum!!

They're huge! They're handsome (mostly)! They're HOT! They're Hungarian Bodybuilding Muscle Freaks sent from the Heavens from Ye Muscle Gods for guys like me and thee to cream our ever shrinking (in the crotch area at least) pants over!

More Hungarian bodybuilders:




  1. oh yea!!!! hungarian beef lust. they have to have the best muscled gene pool on earth. the most gorgeous, handsome, muscled male specimens that don't even pare with other countries, and fresh young superior meat CUMING along all the time. istvan polyak, OMG!!!!!! what i'd give. great post addict. thanks.

  2. OMG Peter Molnar will wear me out. What a handsome, muscled, sexy, rippling, flexed brute. How many times have I made my hot sticky homage to this god. He can have all that I can shoot in his honour!!

    1. Peter and all the hungarians definitely wear you out. You can't see one pic of these hot muscle beasts without getting up again and again and again. Hot, freaky, nasty muscle to feed on. Thanks addict.

  3. OMG YES, PETER THE GREAT!!!!!! when he just stands in a lineup and you can't take your eyes off of him to even look and drool over the rest of the muscled pack, then we have a once in a decade god of magnificent, gorgeous, work of sperhuman man perfection.

  4. Great messages Anonymous, totally sexy and up my street.

    Although I do like Daniel Toth (in addition to Peter Molnar - he grows such a sexy beard) and my favourite would be Zoltan Toth.

    But don't forget The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Rumania all produce a large number of very good bodybuilders.

  5. OK...who's #3 (#122 on his posers); #9 Arizona Soccer w th thighs to die for; #15 is that Peter M?; & #23 the fresh faced kid, so kissable & cuddle-worthy. ????


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