Tuesday, 10 July 2012


BIG! BUTCH! BALD! BEEFY! BRITISH! BODYBUILDER! 6 words which perfectly describe the recent and well deserved NABBA World Bodybuilding Champion Anthony Bailes.

Whats that coming over the hill, is it a monster? NO..its just that big beefy beast Anthony Bailes! What impresses me about Big Anth is not just the sheer size of his frame, but the size and thickness of the muscle sitting on said frame! Anth is an absolute TANK of a bodybuilder! Can you imagine this guy”/muscle monster from Planet Pump walking towards you on the street? You wouldnt know whether to faint or cum on the spot. If there was ever a time to wish you were Adam Sandler in the movie Click that would surely be it!!

The quads are delicious..ripped up and big *however* hes definitely top heavy. The thickness in the shoulders/arms/pecs is so incredible he doesnt look like he could possibly pack on another inch of beef. His shoulders are so wide he probably needs a telescope to see the end of them and the arms are so big he probably has trouble finding a "RIPPED FREAK" t-shirt that doesnt instantly rip when he (tries) to pulls it over himself. Then theres the monstrous back..or is it a continent? I cant really tell. And if this guy hasnt been doing some serious trap building exercises then he has the best and luckiest genes known to man.

If Anth *did* managed to pile on any more huge pumped thick beef hed be a serious contender for the lead role in Hulk: The Next Generation. No need for any green body paint either, the gorgeous extra bronzed chocolate tan he plasters on every inch of his pumped thick hard freak of a body come show time is perfect. And it's all topped off nicely with a splattering of freakishly nasty veins. The guy looks like he has a flurry of thick wires running underneath his skin. Those have got to be some of the most freakishly vascular forearms ever owned by a living man!

Anthony has the most pant-creaming look too. The words meathead and you wouldnt wanna mess spring to mind with Big Anth! He was either born to be a bodybuilder or a door man thats for sure. Extremely masculine, he has that rough, raw, gritty quality a lot of British bodybuilders have, and yet at the same time he has quite a warm, friendly face. Those big pretty eyes and that gorgeous, million dollar smile which is the kind to make your heart melt give him a bit of a pretty boy quality. This guy was definitely blessed in the looks department as well as the beef stakes. Anth looks like he fell from the same oh-so-masculine to the extreme but also very sexy/handsome tree as his fellow (hugely under-rated) Brit bodybuilders Thomas Young & Shane Copley. Now *thats* a tree I would happily give up everything to live in!

So as you can gather I absolutely adore this guy's big meathead hard man gritty working-class Brit-boy muscle nightmare come beautiful pretty-eyed nice-lad look, the quite frankly monstrous mountain of muscle he has the cheek to call his body and his freaky/hardcore/cocky (I fucking LOVE the outrageously cocky "RIPPED FREAK t-shirts) vibe. What was that snapping noise you ask? Oh dont worry, it was just the sound of the dial on the Spunk-O-Meter breaking clean off!


  1. OMG addict you found the crown muscle jewell of england. crown him his muscle majesty and convert buckingham palace into a gym as long as he gets every muscle prince over there to train, pump, flex and pose till the island is swarming with the likes of HIS MUSCLEDNESS. great work as always. your loyal subject.

  2. I completely agree, Anthony is one huge, freaky, muscle beast. Many thanks for all the great posts and high quality commentaries before each pics set. A superb blog.


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