Sunday, 29 July 2012


NICK TRIGILI!! OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD!! How fucking CUTE/gorgeous/handsome/sexy does 1 jock boy/meathead/muscle monkey wanna be?? This uber-cute mega pumped super huge All American muscle boy dream squeezed and flexed his mountain of hard freaky shredded muscle mass at this weekend's NPC USA sporting a new hotter than HOT hyper butch, Alpha male shaved head & looking more of a vein splattered pumped up awesome/cocky/superior attitude filled muscle freak than ever! Nick was hoping to win the Super Heavyweight class & earn his pro card, but unfortunately only placed 2nd. I'm gutted for Nick, but I'm certain it's only a matter of time before he reaches that dream of turning pro. A mass monster/muscle freak superstar in the making, Nick’s future in bodybuilding is as bright as his lil' shiny posing trunks!

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  1. OMG YES!!!!! nick, the ultimate young massive muscled stallion. adorable thick slabs of straited rutting super male muscle. gorgeous handsome all american butch meat monster. the dream of climbing that mountinous sweat drenched rear double bi and riding him for miles just cost me another hell of a load. great post addict as always. now do the other ultimate dream of the USA's AARON CLARK.

    1. FUCK that has got to be the best (and hottest) description of Nick I've ever read. I recognise your style of writing from past comments and I LOVE the way you write and describe bodybuilders/monstrous mountainous God-like BEEF freaks! The USA's was an awesome turn out this year & I'll definitely be doing a post on that gorgeous pumped up roid stuffed cutie bum Aaron Clark soon! Keep these comments coming cause I really appreciate them dude!

  2. I hope every body who reads this blog checks out these comments....move descriptive prose...creating several images that make me want to check out Addict every day...thanks for the posts and comments...big fan

  3. THANKS ADDICT. that's quite a compliment coming from you, cause you are the PRO. you really do put together the best muscle quenching, crouch wrenching, supreme male LUST posts on the net. thanks again from your humble muscle worship subject.

  4. Hi MuscleAddict
    I'm back. Fuck, Nick looks hot with a shaved head and having shed some mass. The back shots are extremely hot, do you think he knows how hot they are?

    Think how hot he would be when he regains some mass (especially in the leg department), and keeps the shaved head? It doesn't bare thinking about.

    He has such beautiful muscle lines, they flow into one another well, the tan and that noticeable bulge, just do it for me. A snarl / grimace would be complete.

    I'm just catching up, on the posts I've missed.


  5. I came upon this post, that gives us Nick's point of view

    His viewpoint on muscle worship.

    It is not often we get to hear, what the owner of such a magnificent body thinks about this.


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