Wednesday, 18 July 2012


As much as I love the HUGE mass monsters of the muscle freak world, sometimes a smaller/leaner guy will catch my attention and strike a chord with me. This might be because he's an OTT cocky/arrogant poser, or he has a certain look I find really sexy, or it could be because he's absolutely drop dead gorgeous/ridiculously handsome/CUTE with a capital Q (see Ludovic Bogaert, Santiago Aragon)! Brad Rowe is *definitely* in this last category! Not that this pumped up handsome All American pretty eyed jock boy cutie bum's body is anything to scoff at! He's a modestly big heavyweight with awesome cuts of smooth pumped beef bulging off his bones, and he's got a pair of seriously BIG and wide tree trunk-esque quads on him, beautifully displayed in the first picture, stretching those Calvin Kleins! I have it on good authority they're not the only pair of Calvins that have been stretched because of Brad & his pumped up tank of a muscle bod!


  1. oh yes, all american pretty boy/muscle boy/hot gorgeous hunk/awesome jock stud/made in the USA ripped granite beefman/factory forged shredded meat/sweat drenched beautiful bulge stretched calvins. just a little of my description of DREAM BOY BRAD. great post addict. thanks.

  2. Hey Anon!you setting up in competition with Addict in the Roided-Muscle rap category? Whatever!you're right, and so is Addict - Rowe is gorgeous.He presents me with the dilemma - which is best, to be fucked or to fuck such an example of male-muscle perfection. Imagine being possessed and dominated by Brad ! But then, imagine him submitting and gasping and crying out to your ministrations. Oh!!! I don't know!!! Both perhaps.

    1. If it were a competition I think he'd be winning!! Your descriptions are fucking awesome anon..fancy writing for the blog?!

  3. One awesome body and a true Icon

  4. you guys are great. i go back to the 60's and the likes of larry scott, frank zane and dave draper thinking i'm the only one that worships these muscle gods, when at the time the general public looked at them as dumb muscle heads while i couldn't wait till the next months mags came out so i had a new supply of beat off material. thanks again. great post addict, and that was closet life in the 60's.

  5. I wasn't sure if in the first video caled " 7.5 weeks out". If it was sweat or oil covering his body. Brad looked great, tree trunk legs, and thick great overall thickness.

    He enjoyed posing, and I enjoyed marvelling at his brawn and manliness.

    His symmetry is improving, a bit more work on his torso to rival those mind-blowing quads and hams of his.


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