Saturday, 23 June 2012


One of my favourite bodybuilding poses is the side chest pose. I love the image of a jacked up muscle beast turned to the side with one hand clasping his wrist, crazy delts and monstrous arms bulging out for the audience to see, huge thick juicy pumped smooth pec exploding out from his freaky frame like it's taken on a life of its own and trying to escape the owners body.

Some current big name competitors with some of the best side chests = Ridiculously handsome All American muscle boy Seth Feroce, huge juicy muscle beast Johnnie Jackson, the hard dense grainy mountain of daddy muscle Branch Warren & the current Mr O/mass monster Phil Heath. All of whom are featured below, as well as a whole host of other muscle freaks.

God I fucking love bodybuilding!


  1. God i love bodybuilding indeed...... more more bigger the better:))))

  2. oh yea!!! not only those massive, hard, thick, striated slabs of muscled PECS, but the legs in a side chest pose, huge monstrous thighs hams and gorgeous thick split calves and don't forget their gorgeous muscleman strong powerful feet that i would love to lick the oil and muscle sweat in total worship. another great post addict. thanks.


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