Monday, 4 June 2012


Along with Nasser "Head of a Noble College Professor Body of an Absolute FREAK" El Sonbaty and Jean-Pierre "Grotesque Mountain of Obscenely Huge Plump Juicy Muscle Mass" Fux, one of my favourite old school bodybuilders from back in the 90's when I first discovered muscle as a teenager, was Mike Matarazzo. Handsome masculine good looks, built like a fucking tank, size for days, insane guns, Mike ticked all kinds of boxes for me. The other thing I loved was his cocky attitude, and OTT arrogant/animated/cheeky/arrogant/powerful/in your face posing. Mike was an absolute ANIMAL on stage. I don't think I've ever seen a bodybuilder on a stage who looks like he's having as much as Mike did. The guy would just go fucking mental when he was competing in his phenomenal condition, letting it rip, showing off what a freaky superhuman muscle bull he was and how fucking superior he felt showing off his enormously pumped huge muscle mass for an adoring and envious audience.

There's an incredible YouTube video of Mike on stage, entitled "Mike Matarazzo goes a bit physcho at 1999 Mr. Olympia" (vid below) which shows Mike at his most awesome, cocky/arrogant, powerful, animal-esque best. He's just so fucking PUMPED (in more ways than one), ripping up the stage, arrogantly sticking out his tongue like a gargoyle, aggressively wobbling his head from side to side as he's squeezing his meat, just enjoying being a genuine fucking muscle FREAK of the biggest and hottest kind.

Sadly Mike's had a few health problems since his bodybuilding days but it doesn't take away what we once was. A powerful superior uber-human huge monstrous cocky arrogant muscle freak/GOD sent from the Heavens for all muscle junkies to love, worship & adore.

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  1. MuscleAddict
    I saw the videos. I see what you mean, he's appears to be an extrovert, who has a strong stage presence to match his rock solid physique. You won't forget him in a hurry. A real personality.

    He flexes his guns beautifully, slow and deliberately (like he can't even believe how good they are himself). His upper body is massive and well sculpted.

    Nice grimace (scrunch), and his square jaw, phew, very hot.

  2. Same theme & era, different guy, a little more quietly self-assured: Ken Castagnoli

  3. great post!!!! mike was one of my favorites 21 inch calves wow!!!! everything just jumps right at you it would have being nice to see two different era's face each other mike vs. the house frankhouser that would be a site to see or mike vs. big ben pac-man!!! great job once again muscle addict!!!!! please let me know if you do a post of sick vascular muscle i would love to see that one!!!

  4. would u happend to have anything on marcos chacon? i think he is a sick freak!!!!! glutes to legs everything is freak city!!!! please muscle addict let me know!!!!

    1. Thanks for the comments/post suggestions mate. I'm not that familiar with Chacon but I will look into him...I like the sound of those glutes!

  5. brings back great muscle memories. mike was one of the greatest and had the fortune of helping oil him at a show in jersey, in the middle 90's . there is nothing like massive set of granite calves and mike had the best. thanks addict. great post as usual.

  6. When i saw this peice of beef in the 90"s i knew i was born to kneel before these massive roids beasts and worship every inch... mike is what bodybuilding is all about........massive slabs of beef and showing it off........ MA your works rocks!!!

  7. Great post of an incredible roided freak of a muscled beast. Mike M. is utter perfection. The sheer power of his physical presence and the aggression of his presentation was hypnotic. He's the sort of bodybuilder who grips my guts and makes me sick with lust. I fucking love this sport and the men who make themselves and give themselves this way.


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