Tuesday, 12 June 2012


I'm going to be honest I wasn't a huge fan of Johnnie Jackson up until about a year ago. It wasn't that I didn't like him, more that I just didn't really pay him that much attention. I always just thought of him as a well known top bodybuilder, who was a cute guy with an awesome body on him who'd been on the bodybuilding scene for a while but who never really struck a chord with me from what I'd seen.

And then I came across a video of him and something just "clicked"! I can't remember exactly what video it was but I just remember being completely blown away by Johnnie's awesome, incredibly HOT attitude and stage posing, while being pretty wowed by the monstrous mass of muscle he was sporting. It's funny how you can be aware of a bodybuilder but not really pay them that much attention, and then with 1 or 2 videos or a set of pictures, something happens and you're completely sold. With Johnnie it was more of a case of I was completely in fucking LOVE and couldn't believe I'd ignored him for so fucking long! I also seem to love him just a little bit more with every new video and/or set of contest pics I see!

This is what I love about Johnnie...

  •  The brutal BEAST of a bod..especially those insanely ripped abs which look like they're carved out of stone and...
  • THE PECS!! Look at those beefy boobies! Those things could feed a family of 5 for a week!
  • The cute/gorgeous but oh-so-masculine good looks.
  • The awesome/cocky/shit hot attitude and the way he really gives it hell when he's ripping it up on stage and squeezing that bastard of a roid stuffed bod.
  • The fact he clearly LOVES being a muscle beast! He always looks like he's having the most fun on stage showing off his indecent muscle mass.


  1. JJ has to be one of the best mass monsters. The great thing is he still has good symmetry as well. Awesome!

  2. I've always loved JJ, ever since he beat Branch as a light heavyweight way back in the day. But I get what you're describing as far as not paying him enough attention cuz I did the same thing with Dennis Wolfe and then I saw him in just the right video and i couldn't wait to offer him my tribute. Such a gorgeous slab of muscle beef, esp pecs, nipples, bis, and shoulders. Even his back is almost too much!


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