Thursday, 21 June 2012


One of the biggest, beefiest and beastliest bodybuilders to come from Hungary in recent years is the insanely hot powerhouse of bull-esque man meat that is Daniel Toth. 2012 has been a busy year for Daniel and his huge thick hard nasty juicy mounds of roid beef. He’s already competed in the Arnold Amateur, FIBO and Mr Europe. I have a feeling Toth will be squeezing into shiny rubber posing trunks, plastering himself with obscene amounts of Dream Tan, and attempting to punch holes in bodybuilding stages with his feet for a good few years to come.


More Hungarian bodybuilders:




  1. addict, you are the best when is comes to describing god's greastest creation, superhuman male muscled perfection, but when it comes to dani toth and peter molnar they are simply a muscle worshipers greatest DREAM. thanks for another great post.

  2. I could not count the number of times Toth has inspired my happy ending.

  3. Hungary, for a small nation, they produce a large amount of top notch bodybuilders. Daniel Toth, Peter Molnar (and the often overlooked Zoltan Toth, Steve Namath - to mention just a few).

    I discovered Daniel Toth, about 2 years ago. It was not just his eye-catching physique, but his whole attitude, full of self-confidence (cocky, you might say), and a definite sense of satisfaction for being a muscle gargoyle. He exemplified what this board praises, (what everyone else, quietly hushes up) an undiluted, and unapologetic display of male muscle.

    In this clip

    A working HTML example of creating a link
    First class display of male beef

    There are so many noteworthy moments in this clip. He is tanned, bursting with muscle, wearing skimpy posers. Which are fantastic, his ass bursts through. He himself is so turned on by the whole spectacle, it clearly shows in his pants.

    The whole arrogant, and defiantly delight in being a male bull. ( @ 01.34 min, where he hits a most muscular and nods his head in approval, at what we can see) For me is what drew me to him.

    Then I saw this clip,

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    An example of psychological dominance on the stage?

    it was an example of what I think is psychological dominance by Daniel. His opponent who is not shoddy by any stretch of the imagination, mentally surrendered to Daniel who took full advantage of the situation, to overwhelm his opponent on the dias. Reveling in the fact, has greater muscle mass and density and flexes it for all he's worth.

    Hey MuscleAdddict, I will respond to your e-mail (apologies for the lateness).

    Thanks MuscleAddict.

  4. OMG addict, that shot of toth's abs and legs in red posers is a leg worshipers wettest dream. you find the absolute best shots of the world's greatest muscled gods in all their hard, thick, carved, pumped, straited, sweat drenched GLORY. your the best, THANKS.

  5. oceej:

    you right about "Hungary, for a small nation, they produce a large amount of top notch bodybuilders"

    some of my favs include

    kormany mihaly


    zoltan toth


    1. I'm a fan of Zoltan's too & I recognise Mihaly straight away, I'd seen him before and loved him so it's cool to put a name to the face. Thanks royd! I'm gonna be doing a post of Hungarian bb's soon, similar to my Russian one not long ago so if anyone knows anymore Hungarian bodybuilders let me know.

      Istvan Polyak is also worth checking out..young guy..awesome phsique & a real cutie!!

    2. Hey RR, long time...
      Great to hear from you.

      Mihaly Kormany, has such wicked (really good)calves, I was really taken by them the first time I clapped eyes on them (several years back). With the calves settled, he couldn't go far wrong from there.

      I think Zoltan Toth, is one of my all-time favourites. A guy who is frequently overlooked, for some unknown reason.

      MuscleAddict, other Hungarian bodybuilders, Istvan Nemeth, Gergo Bognar, Kovacs Ferenc, there are many more, but those are the few that immediately come to mind. As well as the well known - Peter Molnar, and Daniel Toth.


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