Monday, 25 June 2012


A friend of mine recently went to a bodybuilding expo here in the UK. Despite seeing loads of big name pros like Phil Heath, Branch Warren, Evan Centopani & Flex Lewis, he said the guy who stood out the most & made the biggest impression on him was British bodybuilder Lukas Gabris. This is what he said about Lukas in an email...

"But the guy that REALLY got to me was.....Lukas Gabris! I’ve always really loved this guy but in the flesh, well I just wasn’t prepared for what I saw. He is without doubt the most beautiful man I have ever seen in real-life! Utterly UTTERLY massive (his arms were quite literally as thick as my waist) with a back easily twice the size of mine and shoulders like boulders. He’s also incredible handsome with it, cute but very masculine/manly as well. The image of his monstrous/beautiful body will stay with me forever".

Lukas has become a big name on the UK bodybuilding scene in recent years. He's also competed and placed highly in some International shows like the NABBA Universe & NABBA World. The homepage of Lukas' website (which you can find loads more pics on) boldly states "MR OLYMPIA IS MY GOAL". Let's hope he achieves it!

More British bodybuilders:


  1. This dudes enormously obscene shoulders and arms got me going straight to the gym. Very inspiring stuff man! Not to mention that he also got me going straight to my other parts .... Yum.

  2. how would it be to be this guys juice supplier over the years watching him grow massive each time you deliver more juice and get a personal viewing..... droool

  3. That bare ass pic... So hot. What I would not give to ...


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