Friday, 29 June 2012


This post is dedicated to my good friend and fellow muscle junkie Rob, one of the nicest and most grounded guys I know. Not only is he as crazy about huge freaky muscle as I am, he's also been training hard the past few years & is working towards competing in his first bodybuilding competition. He's also a huge fan of Ben Pakulski, and has even met him and his 300+ lbs of huge hard muscle mass in person. Ben even complimented Rob on the size of his biceps (FUCKING. MENTAL)!!


#1. The freaky as shit, crazy conditioned cut to FUCK monster Quads of Death!!

#2. The cute/handsome/masculine good looks. Yummers!!

#3. The HUGE wide watermelon-esque door frame destroying delts.

#4. The OTT cocky/arrogant/superior posing. The guy is a fucking ANIMAL on stage!

#5. His taste in posing trunks! They're always shiny as shit and brightly coloured. The boy/muscle monster from Hell has got taste!

#6. The awesome/outrageous/HOT noises he makes when he's on stage, huge and shredded and letting it rip. He's always letting out little yelps and grunts as he's squeezing his big freaky mass.

#7. The sheer fucking size of him. Ben is a BEAST!!

#8. The hot hard freaky striated glutes which tease out of the back of his shiny posing trunks.

#9. The now big bald butch uber-masculine super sexy head. WOOF!!

#10. The fact that he is an absolute beast on the stage, but away from it he comes across as a really nice, genuine guy..confirmed by Rob!

We love ya Pacman...

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  1. jackpot friday with BIG BEN. totally worship pac man. has to be the most gorgeous, ripped, thick, muscled stallion on earth, with legs that defy every muscle god out there. when he squeezes out that MOST AWESOME MUSCULAR pose and sticks out his tongue i pass out with the BEN LOAD in my hand. thanks addict, great post as always.

  2. Man what a mountain of testosterone juiced up aggro hyper masculine godlike rippling muscle! He looks like a marine after some sex crazed muscle addicted scientist has had his way filling him up with roids and then let him free onto the world to satisfy our hunger for hugeness. What I'd give to sit in his lap balanced by those out of control bowling ball shoulders and just ..well..plunge

  3. i agree, beyond any description of ultimate blue eyed muscled work of art. if there's a heaven for muscle worship, BIG BEN is its play pen. never ever get enough of his stunning muscled beauty. good work addict.

  4. someone please explain to me how BIG BEN'S girlfriend can leave her hands and tongue off of him long enough for him to go on stage. the mere thought of being there when he gets home from a hard workout drenched in erotic muscle sweat. the scent, the feel, kneeling before the blue eyed ultimate muscled dream of dreams, licking every drop of liquid muscle from his stunning fortress of male perfection. if i write anymore i will faint. he is who comes along once in a decade.

  5. Agree with all of the comments above - my ultimate bodybuilding hero. And thanks for the kind words Addict. You ROCK!!!

  6. Incredible post for an incredible guy! And I'm loving the comments here, so damn true! Especially loving the one starting, "someone please explain to me how BIG BEN'S girlfriend can leave her hands and tongue off of him..." HOW TRUE! Damn if I were that girl I'd lock the front door and throw away the key so that huge handsome piece of muscle loveliness could never leave again! I was lucky enough to see this guy in the flesh (cough) recently and man he is all kinds of huge/beautiful in real life, just stunning. For those lads out there who love Ben, I'm LOVING your taste!


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