Wednesday, 6 June 2012


The ridiculously handsome, super jacked, uber-human, hyper-masculine, All American roid boy muscle tank that is Seth Feroce flexed and squeezed his mighty meat at this weekends 2012 Toronto Pro, looking bigger and beastlier than ever! It’s not just Seth’s sexy good looks and muscle monster bod I love, but his awesome/shit hot attitude on stage and the cheeky/cocky expressions he pulls as he’s squeezing his insanely pumped beef, like “hell yeah motherfuckers..can you believe this fucking shit right here”.

Awesome muscle fact: Seth became a pro bodybuilder after competing for just 1 year! That’s just fucking mental!! I’d love to see Seth just grow and grow into a mass monster of Mr O competitor proportions, retaining his sexy good looks, but becoming even more cheeky/cocky/arrogant with every pound of pure freaky hardcore roided muscle he piles on.

Link to my original Seth post:


  1. Have MERCY! If Seth gets any fucking cuter/huger/hotter I'm going to lose my mind...well, my load at any rate! Blimey he's a spunky lad, just so damn cute/handsome and all-American but there's a total and utter FREAK just dying to get out! And given the rate at which he's packing on the lad-meat of late I don't think it will be long before he pumps himself into a complete and utter muscle monster...actually scratch that, I've seen the above pics and it's too late! BEEF MONSTER ALERT!

  2. MuscleAddict thank you for another shocker.

    Showmethemuscle, yep Seth is all that and more.

    I only ever really discovered Seth on this site, I'd seen him before but never really paid that much attention to him.

    I agree with what Showmethemuscle has said, underlying his undeniable good looks. He is really hyper and into the sport, and the results are not just eye-pleasing, but rank sky high in the eroticsm charts of muscle lust.

    He's perfectly symmetrical, and is packing on the mass. He has broad shoulders and chest, a tiny waist and mega legs. Yeah, he's kicking some serious shit on that body.

    I love the fact that the good looks, he has a very aggressive side. The black and white photos by Per Bernal of him training in the gym. I find to be brilliant. He displays the attitude that draws me to the sport (Jari is like that, but is less appealing to the casual viewer).

    Shots like these:

    Feroce can appeal to anyone, those that like muscle moderated by an "attractive face" and those that just like the pure beef that is lurking within. The naked lust to be bigger, harder and more defined than before, to flex that stuff for everyone to see and be mesmerised by it.

  3. SETH!!!!! even his name is mega butch male muscle. young handsome, thick marble hard striated slabs of ultimate male muscle worshipping instant hardon material. wish he could stay YOUNG and just keep getting more massive. he is so incrediablly gorgeous and superhuman. he is by far a monument to ultimate male perfection. great post addict. THANKS!!!!!!

  4. He is indeed a pocket rocket..... i love the candid shot in the lounge room at home just beef walking around the house showing of in every mirror..... i could do with a flat mate like that :) he he he......... another cum inspiring posts:)

  5. Bloody gorgeous! Seth is really pant creaming stuff, muscled and striated to the nth degree. I love the way bodybuilders' tits seem permanently erect - maybe they turn themselves on like they turn me on. So lickable!!! If only!

  6. seth and cody lewis, young muscled dreams beyond any degree of human imagination on this planet. they are the epitimy of total muscle worship. thanks addict. keep up the good work and you know what we keep up.

  7. Seth is totally and absolutely SUPERB, as well as being very sexy

  8. I am just crazy about about him... I absolutely love his body...


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