Friday, 29 June 2012


This post is dedicated to my good friend and fellow muscle junkie Rob, one of the nicest and most grounded guys I know. Not only is he as crazy about huge freaky muscle as I am, he's also been training hard the past few years & is working towards competing in his first bodybuilding competition. He's also a huge fan of Ben Pakulski, and has even met him and his 300+ lbs of huge hard muscle mass in person. Ben even complimented Rob on the size of his biceps (FUCKING. MENTAL)!!


#1. The freaky as shit, crazy conditioned cut to FUCK monster Quads of Death!!

#2. The cute/handsome/masculine good looks. Yummers!!

#3. The HUGE wide watermelon-esque door frame destroying delts.

#4. The OTT cocky/arrogant/superior posing. The guy is a fucking ANIMAL on stage!

#5. His taste in posing trunks! They're always shiny as shit and brightly coloured. The boy/muscle monster from Hell has got taste!

#6. The awesome/outrageous/HOT noises he makes when he's on stage, huge and shredded and letting it rip. He's always letting out little yelps and grunts as he's squeezing his big freaky mass.

#7. The sheer fucking size of him. Ben is a BEAST!!

#8. The hot hard freaky striated glutes which tease out of the back of his shiny posing trunks.

#9. The now big bald butch uber-masculine super sexy head. WOOF!!

#10. The fact that he is an absolute beast on the stage, but away from it he comes across as a really nice, genuine guy..confirmed by Rob!

We love ya Pacman...

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


This is what we love about bodybuilder Baitollah Abbaspour...
  • The handsome/sexy/masculine good looks.
  • The crazy ripped stacked cobblestone abs.
  • The massive round boulder shoulders.
  • The full wide lickable pecs.
  • The insanely conditioned freaky huge tree trunk-esque quads.
  • THAT ASS!! God DAMN that is one hot huge poser trunk gobbling muscled ass!!
Here's Baity in all his awesome glory....

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