Friday, 18 May 2012


Alexey Lesukov is not the only ridiculously CUTE young Russian lad to devote his life to consuming an obscene amount of calories a day, injecting a shit load of roids into every available orifice and pumping himself up to an outrageous degree in his local hardcore hell hole gym, just so he can cake himself in dark shiny tan, squeeze himself into a pair of shiny micro posing trunks and stomp around squeezing and flexing his pumped hard muscle boy mass causing any fucker lucky enough to clap eyes on him to instantly cream their pants.

To be honest, Ivan probably would have caused a few pairs of spunky trunks without doing this, on the account that he's absolutely fucking GORGEOUS!! Look at that yummy mush! Adorable on toast. I just wanna pinch his cheeks. BOTH sets!

Look out for the pics of him posing & clowning around with his best muscle bud/fellow Russian boy beast Andrey Skoromnyy. What I really wanna see though are some shots of Ivan & Alexey together. Size wise, Ivan's got nothing on Alexey (one of Alexey's big juicy plump muscle tits is bigger than the whole of Ivan), but I have to confess, as much as I love the latter, for me, Ivan wins in the CUTE stakes. Imagine Ivan's cutie bum head on Alexey's monstrous body!! I wonder if I could find a mad/evil genius scientists with the ability to switch people's heads and bodies. On second thoughts, it'd probably be best if I didn't, as I must just slip into a permanent cum coma and never regain consciousness.

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  1. He's fucking GORGEOUS! He's seriously the cutest thing ever to wear posers and the beef is coming along nicely. And the boy can pose too, ow can he! He squeezes out a most muscular like a total and utter bitch! You'd think he was twice the size he is the way he poses! Maybe he's just preparing us for what's in store in the future?! A lad can dream.....

  2. andrey & ivan's "friendship" appears to be deeper than mere bolshevik cammraderie...nyet?

  3. i want to move to russia and open a gym and gets hot lads to join the gym and get them hooked on juice and watch them grow..... would love some more posts on before and after roids just to enjoy and marvel at the stuff and what it can do..... worship

  4. I just want to move there for the men alone--even the Belami boys are hunky there! It must be something in the water


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