Wednesday, 9 May 2012


There have been some seriously fucking HOT French muscle freaks pumping themselves up to ridiculous proportions, squeezing into shiny micro posing trunks, and strutting their huge ripped beef onto bodybuilding stages in recent years. There's the juicy pumped obscenely vascular spec wearing spunk that is Luc Molines, the smouldering/sexy/handsome butch gruff daddy that is Christian Lacoche and not forgetting the not exacty a pretty boy but still a damn hot muscle freak of nature that is David Gasser.

Time for another hot piece of French beef, and this one definitely is a pretty boy! In fact that's a bit of an understatement, he's absolutely drop dead fucking gorgeous, not to mention!! The bod ain't half bad either. Ok he's not exactly a monster but he's nicely big and ripped in all the right places. Look out for his bodybuilder brother Gregory too who pops up in some of the pics. He's almost as handsome as his brother is. I'd love to see Ludovic just EXPLODE with huge pumped nasty freaky roided beef in the coming years but still keep his cute boyish looks, although on second thoughts, it might be better for my health, sanity, and my Calvins if he didn't!

More French bodybuilders:


  1. how do you say it in french.... we we?

    another hot post as always.... i love seeing roids bois grow over the years and change... how about a few blogs showing a before and after roids shots.... see the young muscle lad get biitten by the roid buge and see the beast he becomes..... just an idea muscleaddict:)... live to worship lads

    1. Great post. Ludovic is prime beef...

      hey, if you love roided boys check out this ...

  2. Damn what a cutie! And his brother is just as friggin' gorg! That's some gene pool! I wouldn't mind being the meat in a 'Ludovic/Greggy' sandwich I can tell you, though it's really they who would be providing the meat of course, and prime beef at that! Let's hope these lads go fucking crazy and pump/roid themselves to Hell and back and put on some seriously outrageous/grotesque/ridiculous size to compliment those beautiful mugs! Throb!

  3. Yeah man I wanna see this Frenchie get roused up massive huge and explode with size and pumped up man beef! Those shaved muscle pits are all veiny and sweaty just needing a tonguing to clean em out after a big workout

  4. Thanks for the comments boys! I just can't get over how fucking gorgeous Ludovic is! Just a total fucking spunk! It should be illegal for a guy to be *that* good looking and that pumped & muscular. Lock him up & throw away the key...just make sure you lock me up with him before you do!

  5. Creaming my jeans over French hottie Ludovic. Love the pic of him in the tight white tee shirt with his brother bursting out of his long sleeve version! Woof! Woof!


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