Friday, 4 May 2012


Cody Lewis you pumped up ripped up All American alpha male roid stuffed muscle boy cutie-bum, I have only one thing to say to you…


Cody will be competing alongside Nick Trigili in the 2012 NPC USA’s in July. Re-arrange the following words for my reaction: BRING. FUCKING. ON. IT.

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  1. cody is devine...... if i could i would export him to russia for two years feed him roids and protine and any supplement he wants in a gym hidden away from people then reveal him back to the world..... id love to be in charge of injecting him with juice every day and telling him to grow bigger every day.... live for the muscle bois

  2. Total muscle addict here- juiced up hard roided beef the only way! We should set up a muscle convention and get all the lads into roided muscle to share what we got- share it on the big screen and wank all day on it- Id be up for it- sure others wd be too- come on lads lets take it to another level!

  3. welshmusclefan7 May 2012 at 20:59

    Anon - just let me know where and when!

  4. Wanking to the big screen muscle fest. Sounds great and here's another Anon up for it (good and hard already). Bring it on!!

  5. Let's take it to yet another level. Open up a collection of muscle worship houses, each one dedicated to one bodybuilder. Those who are hopelessly addicted to these musclegods can move in and worhip their dream studs 24/7. Videos, life-sized posters, all on display everywhere. Of course it would cost a huge amount of money to live in one of these houses, and every cent would go directly to the bodybuilder himself for his support and promotion. The musclegod would make regular live visits and pose for his worhipping fans. There would also be nightly webcam videos specially filmed by the musclgod and streamed into each individual room. The vids would play for 5 minutes, showing the muscle stud in incredibly erotic, teasing scenes, and then would stop. The worshipper would have to pay to make the video start up again. Each scene would be so hot and irresistable it would put the helpless muscle freak in a sexual frenzy, and he wouldn't be able to stop paying and paying and paying. Imagine what it would be like to live in a cum-drenched fantasy world like this.


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