Sunday, 6 May 2012


Question for all my fellow muscle fans/lovers/junkies/addicts...

What's hotter??

A) Narcissistic pictures of sexy ripped muscle beasts taking shots of their crazy huge beef/middle fingers to God they have the cheek to call their bodies in their bathroom mirrors?


B) Pictures of pumped up roid boys indecently and outrageously squeezing and flexing their mass in micro posing trunks/shorts/hot little undies in the middle of their kitchens/living rooms/gardens (I hope there's no fragile elderly neighbours looking out of their windows)?

...or are they both as equally and indescribably fucking hot as each other??

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  1. Love these cocky muscleheads either way. Great shots that get my blood pumpin... Thanks.

  2. Seriously boys is there nothing hotter than a roid beast in his own home enjoying the work he has done.... its so fucking hot....thats what its all about anyway in my view there should be more of it in gyms where lads just go inject juice and see who can get the biggest.... i love the idea of a roid beast waking at night injecting and getting so horny they strip and admire themselves in the in melbourne the land of oz love anonymous idea of a convension... he he for the beef lads

    1. Hey muscle lover I'm in Sydney! Yeah these roided narcissists deserve to be self worshipped in their mirrors! So horned up looking at these pumped up slabs of muscle freaks. Ogling themselves and so turned on by their own roided up bodies. Cumming in the mirror now! Woof

  3. Yeah! It should be compulsory in gyms - a posing room with big mirrors for the beasts and a seating area for the worshippers and plenty of tissues to wipe up afterwards. These men are truly extraordinary and bodybuilding is reaching new heights these days. Onward and upward!!

  4. AMAZING PICS! ALL are wicked but my fave is the first.....DAYMN! Check those monster quads, cobble-stone abs and jutting pec-shelf! He's a handsome cutester too! I *think* it's Baitollah Abbaspour (and maybe pics 4 and 6 too) who we saw recently flexing it up big time at FIBO and looking rather damn awesome doing so, but I could be wrong. Whoever the hell he is, where do I get me one?!


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