Sunday, 20 May 2012


All eyes were on Steve Kuclo this weekend as the former cute All American teen bodybuilder turned huge handsome muscle monster made his pro debut at the 2012 New York Pro. Looking fuller and bigger than ever before, he placed an impressive 3rd place behind a monstrous Cedric MacMillan and an always crazy conditioned Johnnie Jackson. Not only is Kuclo huge and handsome, he also has a great ethos. I can imagine some bodybuilders are arrogant ego driven nightmares, but Steve just positively stinks of nice guy. He seems like a really warm, friendly, down to Earth unassuming guy who wouldn't bother a fly! That still doesn't stop him being a bit cheeky and cocky with his facial expressions as he's squeezing his big pumped All American meat for an adoring audience in his HOT lil' shiny as shit trunks, like "get a load of this guys...can you believe this shit"! Actually yeah...we can believe it Steve, so you're gonna have to explode with even more bulging muscle mass if you really wanna wow us. Sound like a deal??

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  1. Pwoor someone open a window! This guy STINKS.....of nice lad! What a cutie, personality-wise and of course facially, and the bod is brutal on top of monstrous on top of freaky on top of, well you get the idea! I believe he's a fire fighter in 'real life'.....quick, pass the matches! Lovely lovely guy and a great post in tribute to him, woof!

  2. another great post.... oh to be in new york for the spring.... the flowers, the trees the clubs and the muscle..... muscle, juice & beef.... my dream job would be a summer job at a new york gym.... checking memberships as they come in then weighing the muscle bulls, to keep track of their growth and of course responsible for measuring guns... all part of the service for a roid gym.......if they have not grown bigger and heavier since their last visit they get a feed jab of juice at the juice bar!!!

  3. Yeah! sexy as hell. He's super built and so fucking handsome. I love the little green posers with the tuck in the back to reveal more of those gorgeous, luscious glutes. Sometimes I see a bodybuilder and I look and look and am fascinated and so full of lust that I feel sick in the pit of my stomach.Am I unique?!! Nah! Thanks Steve.


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