Sunday, 13 May 2012


A few months back I posted the most incredibly hot YouTube video. A 7 minute epic of some of the biggest superhuman roid bulls in the business squeezing out the craziest, nastiest, horniest Most Musculars. Since then, the guy/muscle video making genius behind it has posted yet another compilation video!! This one clocking in at over 10 minutes, and if possible, even more amazing and ball emptying than his first!

I've watched the vid (or parts of it) a dozen times now and it always end with the same filling up my pants with man milk!! It's a work of muscle genius, with a ball load of amazing muscle freaks, many familiar and well loved, but also some lesser known guys who deserve a lot more attention because of how fucking awesome and how unbelievably HOT they are! Below the video are some of the best & spunkiest guys and moments...

Enjoy muscle junkies!!

0:04 & 2:14 - Lil' Flex Lewis, and I don't think I've ever seen him so fucking COCKY!! Look at him just letting it rip, pulling all kinds of cute/cocky/animated/HOT facial expressions and sticking out that lovely tongue of his as he squeezes his big nasty roid beef.

0:11, 2:45, 3:39, 4:33 - How dare a lad be so damn fucking handsome and gorgeous *and* so damn fucking huge pumped & ripped?? Hungarian beauty/beast Peter Molnar. The attitude on this monster is almost as crazy hot as the mountain of jacked shredded beef he's sporting.

0:19 & 1:10 - British beef boy Stuart Craig Core, aka TRAPZILLA!! God this guys amazing. Love the cute/goofy expression on his boyish face as he's flexing his crazy pumped man meat.

0:24 - Oh my spunky trunk days, what a lil' ball of bald butch beef hottie!! Vojtech Koritensky from Czech Republic. He was on the original Most Muscular vid too, and I love him more every time I see him.

1:17, 5:37 & 9:17 - Jesus frig me!! It's Andreas Frey and he's come to claim the loads of all the "poor" muscle lovers out there with his nasty juicy beef and crazy cocky attitude. Love him x1000!!

1:23 - Ok someone call the CUTE police!! What a fucking rotter!! It's the gorgeous/dreamy French spunk Ludovic Bogaert who I recently featured on the blog, and he looks even more heart meltingly handsome and pant creamingly huge on video. I think I'm in love!!

1:40 & 9:04 - Ramses Tlyakodugov from Russia and the attitude on this guy is INSANE!! Look at him ripping up the stage, as cocky as any man/muscle FREAK can possibly be!!

2:46, 6:12 & 6:47 - Spanish cutie Antonio Morales. What a big pumped beefy handsome SPUNK!! Amazing on toast!!

2:57 & 3:28 - Ben "Pacman" Pakulski and look at him fucking go!! Grrrraaaarrr!! I'm surprised there was a dry crotch in the auditorium after he squeezed out *that* fucking beauty!! You can always rely on Pacman for awesome/crazy/nasty/cocky/shit hot posing!!

3:06 - Dennis Big Bad Wolf looking like an absolute BEAST!! Dennis definitely looks his craziest and biggest when he's squeezing out big nasty Most Musculars. Hmmm, think it might be time to do a Wolf post on the blog soon...

3:36 - Hungarian muscle monster Daniel Toth aggressively SLAMMING down into the craziest beef squeezing, crowd pleasing, trunk spunking Most Muscular. BAM!!

4:14 - WHO. IS. THIS?? God DAYMN what a hot nasty piece of crazy ripped hard freaky beef!! MAN MILK OVERLOAD!!

5:09 & 10:07 - Jose Raymond who's so fucking HOT I'm surprised he hasn't set fire to his own posing trunks. A ball of big nasty crazy veiny beef. WOOF!!

5:30, 6:21 & 8:08 - You can *always* rely on Big Rob Burneika for a nasty monstrous muscle popping beef spilling in yer face crazy/awesome/cocky attitude filled mouth wide open Most Muscular. YEAH!!

7:13 - Oh my spunky Calvins!! How fucking arrogant/aggressive can one man/muscle monster from HELL be?? Apparently *this* fucking much!! Canadian bodybuilder Mike Van Wyck in hands down one of my absolute favourite parts of the video. What can I say, I like my muscle boys nasty!

8:08 - Russian monster Alex Shabunya drenched from sexy head to worship worthy toe in the shiniest oil & darkest tan!! Slurp!!

10:04 - Ridiculously handsome male cheerleader turned huge freaky beef monster Michael Liberatore who pretty much looks amazing squeezing *any* inflated juice filled body part in *any* jean creaming bodybuilding pose..that includes a melon delt blasting beef bulging off of every inch of superhuman hyper masculine carcass Most Muscular!!

And if you managed to sit through the entire 10 minutes of that video without even the *slightest* twitch in your crotch area you have absolutely NO right to call yourself a muscle fan, hang your head in shame, leave this blog to the real muscle junkies and don't let the door hit your sorry ass on the way out!!

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  1. Fucking great Sunday breakfast man ! What I need to start my Sunday is Peter Molnar bending over me in that most muscular pose, that liquid molten muscled up massive mountain of pure beefy butted out testosterone roided god towering above me and roaring like an animal in heat!!! Grrrrr .... All that magnificent muscle got my man milk pouring out into my morning coffee

  2. OMG I have been away for the weekend and just come home to this...... OMFG!!! I exploded half way through lads....... this compliation outstrips the last one its everything muscle worship should be.... love the way the roid boys set themselves for the pose then "BAM" hit you in the face with a wall of muscle.... i live for this stuff..... more more more:)

  3. I think #78 at 4:14 is Alessandro Grassi.

  4. to pick favorites in the wonderful world of muscle worship is almost impossible since every time you turn around another more gorgeous young GOD appears in all his glory of rockhard striated slabs of muscled perfection, but here are three of my favorates. BIG BEN, MIKE LIBERATORE and there is no muscle worshipping description for heaven in posers PETER MOLNAR.


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