Monday, 28 May 2012


In this selection of awesome muscle videos, incredible footage from a photo shoot with huge handsome Hungarian muscle God Zoltan Voros, a pant-creaming posedown video from the 2012 New York pro featuring an insanely cocky Johnnie Jackson and an always awesome Steve Kuclo, a fantastic compilation of abs & thighs clips, a shockingly ripped contest ready Michael Kefalianos posing up close and personal for the camera and an insane preview of a Repetrope/USAMuscle backstage posing DVD.

What's hot about Hungarian muscle beast Zoltan Voros?? Well...there's the ridiculously handsome good looks, the big pumped slabs of huge smooth man beef, the insanely freakish vascularity, and then there's the over the top, in your face, outrageous cockiness and smug "yeah I know I'm hot" attitude. This is an awesome video of footage of him at a photo shoot wearing a vest with the most ridiculously thin straps draped across his huge pumped vascular chest while posing and being the cheeky/cocky/awesome God-like muscle freak that he always is.

An incredible posedown featuring the highest placed monsters from this year's New York Pro. It's not hard to see why Cedric McMillan won the title, but handsome All American muscle boy Steve Kuclo in the hottest pair of bright green posing trunks and the always amazingly conditioned Johnnie Jackson are the stand out favourites here for me. The attitude on Johnnie is just incredible!! If there were an award for cockiest poser, he'd win it hands down. The way he arrogantly screws up his face and really gives it hell as he's squeezing out those monster trap exploding Most Musculars is just hot beyond words!! I fucking LOVE Johnnie!!

Interview and posing video with big butch bald Greek muscle daddy Michael Kefalianos. The good stuff stars at 1:26 when he takes off his shirt and starts posing for the camera. One day out from competition, his conditioning is just crazy. To see a contest ready pro bodybuilder posing up close for a camera is nothing short of incredible. I love when he lifts his shorts up to reveal the CRAZIEST quads and the guy behind the camera exclaims "WOW" and then can't help but laugh, presumably just at how unbelievable and ridiculous they look.

An awesome compilation video featuring clips of huge roided muscle tanks squeezing out the ever hot abs & thighs pose. Some incredible clips included in here of some well loved muscle freaks like Dennis Wolf, Nasser El Sonbaty, Jean Pierre FuxJay Cutler, along with a fair few lesser known beasts. It was created by the same guy who made those amazing Most Muscular compilations videos I've recently featuring on my blog, so it's not exactly surprising that it's an absolute fucking beauty of a vid!

It's not hard to see why USAMuscle are pretty much the leading bodybuilding video production company out there. Their beautifully shot "backstage posing" DVD's are a muscle addict's dream come true, with the camera getting close up to all those huge pumped contest ready muscle freaks. To see that huge freaky bulging muscle encased in paper thin skin flexing and twitching just takes your fucking breath away. This DVD looks particularly amazing because of the quality of awesome huge heavyweight muscle monsters featured. My stand out favourites are Armon Adibi (check out the incredible side chest at 0:44, the vascularity of this monster has to be seen to be believed) and Blair Mone! Check him out at 0:21, caked from (sexy) head to (worship worthy) toe in the most deliciously dark tan, ripped and shredded to fuckery, blistering and bulging with huge slabs of cling wrap skin encased juicy hardcore muscle mass, with that cocky/eat shit/fuck yeah grin plastered across his handsome face. Does it get any better than this??

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I love the image of a hyper masculine roided up Alpha male muscle bull hitting a back double bicep. BAM! Huge bowling ball guns exploding to the ceiling, trying to burst through the owners gold wrap skin, monstrous barn door back looking freaky as shit, crazy hamstrings and huge diamond calves on full display. The other reason I love to see this pose is because it's an ideal opportunity to check out the muscle freak's huge juicy hard striated glutes blowing out of their bright tiny shiny micro posing trunks. The more ass-meat on display and the more the lucky posers have been swollen up into their meaty sweaty man cracks the better. Slurp!

Sunday, 20 May 2012


All eyes were on Steve Kuclo this weekend as the former cute All American teen bodybuilder turned huge handsome muscle monster made his pro debut at the 2012 New York Pro. Looking fuller and bigger than ever before, he placed an impressive 3rd place behind a monstrous Cedric MacMillan and an always crazy conditioned Johnnie Jackson. Not only is Kuclo huge and handsome, he also has a great ethos. I can imagine some bodybuilders are arrogant ego driven nightmares, but Steve just positively stinks of nice guy. He seems like a really warm, friendly, down to Earth unassuming guy who wouldn't bother a fly! That still doesn't stop him being a bit cheeky and cocky with his facial expressions as he's squeezing his big pumped All American meat for an adoring audience in his HOT lil' shiny as shit trunks, like "get a load of this guys...can you believe this shit"! Actually yeah...we can believe it Steve, so you're gonna have to explode with even more bulging muscle mass if you really wanna wow us. Sound like a deal??

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