Thursday, 5 April 2012


Another day, another selection of massive beastly tan smothered teeny tiny shiny posing trunk wearing, hot, sexy, handsome, gorgeous, insanely huge phenomenally shredded, roid stuffed muscle tanks, with huge juicy bouncing pecs, big bulging skin stretching biceps, massive thick cut to fuck quads, ripped stacked 8 pack abs and huge hard rock hard asses who've pumped and pumped themselves up to ridiculous proportions only to stomp around flex and squeeze their massive God-like muscle for an ever adoring audience. W.O.O.F!!

And a few awesome YouTube videos to round off today's meaty serving. First up, an amazing comparisons vid from last years Toronto Pro finals. Shaun-Joseph Tavernier, the big juicy pumped fucker in the cyan trunks is the one to watch, but his RIPPED buddie in the shiny purple trunks and the huge hot bald beast slamming down those incredible powerful Most Musculars at around 2:03 are also ones to look out for. The second video features the awesome huge Russian muscle bull that is Ramses Tlyakodugov. This guy is one just HELL of a poser. Powerful, cocky, animated...just fucking incredible!!

1 comment:

  1. Whose beefy tree-trunk legs are those in the 6th pic? VERY hot!


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