Sunday, 8 April 2012


It's the end of Official Huge Freaky Ripped Roided Muscle Monster Week! We've had Huge Beef..Ripped Beef..Hard Beef..Freaky Beef..Young Beef..Daddy Beef..American Beef..Russian Beef..Rippling Beef..Flexing Beef..Tanned To Fuck Beef..Beef Squeezed Into Tiny Hot Bright Shiny Posing Trunks..Freaky Rock Hard Striated Glute Beef..Thick Juicy Bulbous Pec Beef...Huge Hard Bowling Ball Stretching The Skin To The Max Bicep Beef..Beef To Make Your Jaw Drop To The Floor..Beef To Make Your Calvins Suddenly Feel Three Time Smaller..Beef To Make You Think "FUCK I Love Huge Freaky Hardcore Muscle More Than Fucking Anything (Grrrrr)...BEEF BEEF BEEF!!

Thanks to all my blog readers/viewers/followers and fellow muscle lovers/junkies/nuts/addicts who keep on checking the blog, thanks to everyone who's voted in the poll for next week's post (you huge young Russian Half-Man Half Monster with the biggest most insanely thick pecs loving lot you) and a HUGE thanks to the few of you who've being leaving those awesome/hot comments on my posts. You guys are awesome!!

And to wrap things up, 3 amazing muscle videos from YouTube with a bit of a theme...noisy bodybuilders!! The dude in the first 2 videos is called Alex Dos Anjos from Brazil. The guy's conditioning is fucking crazy!! Ripped and cut to the extreme, bulging and blistering with huge cut smooth hard beef all over. But what I really love about this guy is his attitude on stage. Man this guy is just so fucking nasty and arrogant and powerful and aggressive. Check out the way he aggressively roars/shouts at the audience as he's squeezing those Most Musculars ROOOOOAAARRR!!! Pure fucking muscle power!! And the final vid is my latest effort for anyone who hasn't seen it. It's made up of clips from the 2006 Mr Olympia, and features some of the most outrageous shouting/creaming/grunting/groaning from hue pumped bodybuilders on stage you're ever likely to fucking see. The main culprits are Gustavo Baddell, Melvin Anthony (God this guy just reduces me to a quivering heap and I can't even explain why), Toney Freeman (who just fucking GROWLS like an animal all the way through), and the 2 big players from the show, Cutler and Coleman. God I fucking love noisy bodybuilders!!


  1. Fan-bloody-tastic. This blog must be doing a hell of a lot for kleenex shares - at least in this house. We're using a box a week to mop up our appreciation of these super heroes. Keep at it Muscle Addicts cos we need you.

  2. Sorry guys I accept no responsibility for any boxers, underpants, underwear ruined or soiled and offer no reimbursement for any obscene amounts of kleenex tissues/bottles of poppers/king sized bottles of lubes bought & used when viewing my blog.

    1. Yeah but I bet you'll take the *credit* for all the lads who view this blog who are now sporting big fucking pumped-up biceps from all the furious wanking they've been doing to the awesome beef you've been posting?! I look like Popeye thanks to you!

  3. oh my... the fair skin guy with the tight blue trunks must be morphed......i hope not.... perfect muscle ....who is he

  4. I didn't even make it past the first photo, the one with that big, round, tight, rockhard male muscle ASS being displayed perfectly in that nearly obscene posing strap. One good look at that sexy male ass and I boned up so hard and so fast......I was moaning and groaning and CUMMING before I even knew what hit me. If I were in that room with that sexy stud I would be on my knees kissing and licking every hot, mindfucking inch of that big tight ass and begging him for more and more.

  5. Ditto to Mikee's comment of 27 September--first photo was worth a cumshot--any more of him--you are the pied piper of muscle lovers except for the guy who has an amazing thread on bodybuilders in posers and barely in them at that - not the VPL blogspot. But you are more focused and we appreciate that baby


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