Saturday, 7 April 2012


In today's feast of huge uber-pumped bodybuilder BEEF, awesome American champ Steve Kuclo in an amazing Most Muscular shot, a huge Rob Burneika flexes a big hard double bicep in his garden, Antoine Vaillant takes a rest and shows us his hard ripped hyper-masculine body, French beast Alexandre Nataf and Spanish bull Alfonso Del Rio hit some pec exploding side chests, Ronny Rockel shows us what an incredibly ripped muscle TANK he is, and big bodybuilding superstars Branch & Kefalianos pose off against each other in a battle of the huge hot muscle daddy monsters!!

And a trio of pant-creaming (guaranteed) muscle videos to round things off. Alfonso Del Rio shows us what a massive juicy thick muscle bull he is, Egyptian muscle boy Osama Ashour shows us what a sexy pumped ripped hottie he is, and Johnnie Jackson shows us what a beautiful huge bodybuilding BEAST he is. You know it baby!!


  1. Lots of first class muscle. These giants make a perfect example of what nature truly consideres as a male human. Massive alpha roided beasts that can easily squeeze all the cum from any muscle lover's balls.

  2. You said it Cochynolo. What about that first pic? Black muscle, brick-hard abs, a luscious nipple and sweat thrown in! And then!! a marvellous bulge in those sexy little posers! Have you noticed that posers are getting smaller. Why not ban them and go the full monty?!!

  3. Five star muscle there..... roids are without doubt the fluilds of choice for massive roids boys worship the roids hand them out at gyms for free........ they get my fluids going


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