Monday, 2 April 2012


In case you didn't know, this week is Official Huge Freaky Ripped Roided Muscle Monster Week! To celebrate, every day I'll be posting pictures of some of the biggest, hottest roid beasts on Planet Pump. From big nasty muscle daddy monstrosities caked in the deepest darkest tan to young ripped up cocky cutie-bums in bright shiny posing trunks. From huge thick bulbous bouncing twitching pecs, to insane rock hard striated glutes. From huge pumped skin stretching bowling ball biceps, to insanely cut vein splattered tree trunk quads. From big names pro bodybuilding superstar monsters, to lesser known amateur rough raw gritty British bulls. From huge hot handsome Spanish beasts with barn door backs so big they struggle to reach the middle when they're scrubbing themselves in the shower to shockingly big cocky Russian TANKS with pecs so thick and huge you could balance a dinner plate on them. And everything in between!

I've also set up a new poll (to the right). Vote for what you want the first post of next week to be. Do you want to see more of young Russian boy beasts Andrey or Alexey, or maybe uber-cute American muscle boy Cody Lewis or hot Canadian superstar Antoine? If you prefer your beef a bit more mature, take your pick from a trio of muscle daddies, Greek Mike Kefalianos, Spanish bull Jose Maria Forte or French muscle freak Christian Lacoche. And if you're all about the big boys, how about big bald cocky Rob Burneika, the almighty Branch Warren or the ridiculously hot mountain of pumped beef Evan Centopani to satisfy your muscle needs? Get your votes in muscle junkies...


  1. Hot studs there.
    How about Chris Duffy (a class bodybuilder from the past)

    I like his size, muscularity and sexyness. I'm not sure if you will like him. Thanks for your blog.

  2. The cop is absolutely stunning!! He is gorgeous!!! The perfect hunk!! the perfect man!!where did you find him? Are there any more pictures of him? Is he a real cop? He is giving me such a hard on!! i would give anything to put him in all fours and fuck him!!

  3. when they say "fuck the police" includes this guy too....then hell yeah!! i'm in!!

  4. Anyone know who the cop is?


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