Friday, 6 April 2012


Here are my top 5 favourite body parts on a bodybuilder....

#5 - ABS

I love a set of stacked ripped cut abs, popping out of the monster's stomach like bricks, paper thin bronzed skin wrapped tightly round the hard cut washboard abdominals. Grrrrrr!!

#4 - QUADS

They gotta be HUGE, monstrous, thick and tree trunk-like, and they gotta be cut to shreds and defined to fuck. I love it when a roid beast shakes and wobbles his huge thick wheels on stage. Fucking HOT!!


Rock granite hard freakishly striated glutes, huge and juicy, sticking out a mile, and struggling to be contained by the owners hot shiny posing trunks. I love it when bodybuilders show off their glutes onstage, the hottest move being when they tuck their posers into their ass crack to show those big hard babies off.


Huge bowling ball guns exploding either side of the muscle freaks head, BAM BAM, huge and hard and ballooning to the ceiling, cheeky/cocky/arrogant look on said muscle freak's face as he shows off those huge powerful hyper-masculine guns. Skin stretching to the max, snake-like veins erupting all over.

#1 - PECS

Huge, thick, meaty, dense, juicy, bulbous muscle tits. Bouncing, and twitching and flexing as if they have a mind of their own. Pecs so huge you can balance things on top of them, ballooning off the muscle tank's carcass like two huge plump pillows trying to escape. FUCK YEAH!!


  1. Fuck yeah! For me though, glutes are number one. Seeing a pair of super striated, hard mounds of pure muscle turns me on like nothing else. Especially, (like you said) when they tuck in their tiny posers into their crack and show it all off!

  2. I have to agree with muscledlust here. Glutes are number one for me as well. Though, I prefer them big, meaty, juicy butts that blow out of small posers. I'm not a fan of striations. Muscle bubble butts all the way.

  3. There isn't an INCH of a bodybuilder's huge bulging frame I don't find mind-fuckingly horny but if we're talking the best of the very best then my 'holy trinity' of beef has got to be bi's, pecs and glutes, the order of which depends on my mood and the lad in question. That said it's VERY rare a huge set of hard sweaty juicy beefy arse-hams don't invoke spunkage on my part so I might have to say glutes are no. 1 for me. But when the alternative is a set of massive twitchy bouncey gorgeous muscle tits or hard round strong beautiful biceps begging for a fondle, it almost seems cruel to have to put them in order! And this is not even mentioning traps, delts, forearms, abs, intercostals, quads, calves and, last but by no means least, barn-door fucking backs! FUCK I LOVE MUSCLE!

    1. And another fantastic comment from "showmethemuscle". Seriously fucking awesome stuff buddie!! Traps would definitely be my 6th favourite body part. I just love it when a muscle bull bends down to squeeze a big nasty grizzly Most Muscular and out of nowhere these HUGE fucking traps appear..exploding up to the muscle freaks ears like two huge melons encased in shiny golden paper thin skin.

  4. i'm with you showmethemuscle.........all the above my absolute weekness is a massive set of delts ans watching roid boys do shrugs and all the beef on their shoulders..... two chunks of delt beef growing with each rep.......grow grow grow huge

    1. I love a pair of huge monster door frame destroying delts too "pak00". Delts so fucking big and wide the owner needs a telescope just to see the end of them. If these bodybuilders continue to get any bigger they're gonna have to build wider stages just to get the fuckers on them.


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