Monday, 9 April 2012


Last week I put a poll on the blog asking what you wanted the first post of this week to be, and the winner was....the Half-Man Half-Monster from Russia with the ridiculously cute/cheeky/boyish head and the insanely HUGE monstrously pumped thick dense mountain of pure roided muscle MASS that is Alexey Lesukov.

Alexey is pretty much a muscle dream come true. Those thick plump meaty muscle tits which balloon off his chest like two thick pillows, those hard monstrous paper thin skin covered biceps, those crazy-ass super jacked freaky cut quads, that PLANET of a huge wide back, the guy is an absolute FREAK!! I've heard he's competing later in the year and is hoping to earn his pro card. What does the future hold for Alexey. My guess, he'll be competing against the likes of Steve Kuclo and Nick Trigili on the Mr Olympia stage. Bring it fucking on!!


  1. After a week of muscle and beef, you hit us with Lesukov. Have mercy! I'm absolutely drained and my right hand is strained and numb. Never mind!! Keep it cumming!

    1. Indeed! It's been muscles to spare this last week and what better embodiment of that than the biggest/thickest/beefiest/juiciest/most-load-claiming muscle-lad that is Alexey. FUCK that body is so ball-emptying and when you factor in THE cutest damn face, like EVER, well it's a wonder there are any straight men left in the world with gay wet dreams in human form like Big Al waddling around. I know if I attempted to plough that enormous pair of butt-hams he has the cheek to call his arse I'd be swallowed whole into that meaty crack of doom never to be seen or heard from again.....but what a way to go! Love him, want him, need him.

  2. no doubt alexey makes me droooooll....... i wish he trained in my gym though im not sure id be concentrating on the weights:)

  3. As for me, I always ending up fantasizing Aleksey tied up in a dark dungeon...............

  4. He looks like he's morphed...but he's not! Those massive plump melon sized muscle man tits are the biggest bone inducing pecs I've ever laid eyes on. If I could only lay my hands on them and knead them for about an hour I'd die a happy man. The way they hang over the shelf of his roided boy belly is insane! Love to see those things harnessed in leather with big juicy nipple plugs squeezed onto them.


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