Thursday, 12 April 2012


When I was about 17 I saw a documentary about bodybuilders on TV. In the introduction were really short clips of various bodybuilders at a Mr Olympia show. One of those clips featured an absolutely monstrous bodybuilder. He had no waistline, and was basically just a mountain of obscenely THICK muscle mass. I remember thinking it was sort of grotesque, and yet, at the same time, it was probably the hottest and most powerful image I’d ever seen in my life. I couldn’t quite describe why, but it seemed to have this hugely important effect on me, and it’s an image I’ve never been able to forget. The muscle freak in question was Jean Pierre-Fux.

This, of course, was back in the day when I mostly relied on muscle mags and images on the Internet for my muscle fix, long before YouTube came along and video footage of muscle was hard to come by. I eventually got hold of some mid-late 90’s Mr Olympia videos where I became better acquainted with the insanely monstrous mountain of Swiss muscle Mr Fux, and some of the other big named competitors from that era.

Jean-Pierre was definitely one of my favourites back in the day. He was by far the best conditioned bodybuilder, but there was no denying the guy was an absolute beast! It wasn’t just the insanely thick, juicy slabs of muscle which ballooned off his body and seemed to flex twitch and bounce at the slightest movement which did it for me, but his cute/slightly boyish/dumb looks. Jean-Pierre always struck me as the type of muscle monster who lived and breathed muscle and only cared about one thing, pumping and pumping himself up as much as he could so he could be as big as humanly possible and flex and squeeze for anyone who cared to watch him. There was an interview on one of the Olympia videos which confirmed this, where he said “I don’t care what about being the next Dorian Yates, or what the other bodybuilders are doing, for me I just want to get bigger and harder, and bigger and harder”, and I fucking LOVED that attitude!!

Nasser El Sonbaty was one of the big players of that era. Without a doubt, he had the superior physique, but I struggled a little with his looks back then, and so he was never a big favourite of mine. It’s fair to say my tastes have changed quite a bit since then, because I recently re-visited some of those old 90’s Mr Olympia contests on YouTube and now, I absolutely fucking LOVE Nasser!!

The guy is not only an absolute monster, but his condition is insane. Amazing size all over, and awesome symmetry, Nasser is/was an incredible superhuman pro 90’s Olympian bodybuilding muscle GOD!! His attitude and the way he poses is fucking awesome. The way he wobbled his quads, and wipds those big meaty tree trunk fuckers down, the way he occasionally SLAMMED into his poses, huffed/puffed/exhaled/grunted as he squeezed and flexed and showed off his God-like mass. Some of the best footage of Nasser is at the 96 Olympia, where he’s posing off against Kevin Levrone (another one I wasn’t that taken with back in my youth but who now I absolutely fucking love) and the attitude and chemistry between these two monsters is just amazing, wrapping their arms around each other as they hit their abs & thighs, and wiping each other’s huge, crazy quads. Two huge muscle beasts showing the world what incredible monstrous superior male specimens they are.

Behold Jean Pierre & Nasser, two HUGE old school 90’s muscle monsters in all their incredible, beastly, God-like glory….


  1. Great intro mate we must be the same vintage i had the exact same journey to muscle worship the pic and vids bring it all back.... stunning

  2. I can't get enough Nasser! The guy is THE ultimate muscle daddy, so handsome/mature in looks and so inhuman/monstrous in body; it's a lethal combo that leaves a lad like me big in the willy and drippy in the bell-end. And don't even get me started on Mr. Fux! The guy is grotesque in the extreme, totally and utterly obscene, appallingly enormous, just horrific. And as if offending my delicate sensibilities with his freaky hugeness wasn't bad enough he also, rather disturbingly, has the ability to spontaneously shrink my boxers every time I clap eyes on his mammoth body. Scary! Ah I'm only kidding J-P, I love yas just as much as Nasser really! What a pair of total and utter muscle gods, LOVE 'em both!

  3. Awesome blog man! I love it and love your comments and pix! You're the master! I've worshiped muscle all my life and share your same insatiable lust for muscle... Nasser is a GOD and I have worshiped him for years! Nice job paying tribute to the muscleman of musclemen! Very cool... Keep up the great work!

  4. You're absolutely right that Nasser knocks Fux out in terms of quality and proportion.
    I can't help being amused by the way you talk of the 90's as the past in Bodybuilding. I've been drooling over muscle since the 50's and remember Delinger and Schaeffer and Reeves. Contemporary bodybuilders have taken the sport to new heights and I can still shoot my stack over someone like Heath or Molnar after all these years! Keep posting. We need you! Thanks.

  5. Wow, some amazing comments being posted here guys! Thanks for all the awesome & kind appreciate of the blog, makes it all worthwhile. Loving all the love for Nasser too!! The guy is/was an absolute GOD. And to think when I was twink I struggled with his looks. And now...come to fucking papa Nasser you huge/hot/handsome/daddy-esque muscle monster/tank/bull/beast/present sent from Ye Muscle Gods for guys like us to adore, envy & worship. Keep these great comments coming guys!

  6. Totally agree with your comments on Nasser. He was never a favourite during the days of Flex and MuscleMag but looking back now he is a fucking sensational muscledaddy!

  7. geeeez!! what a post!
    i've always been totally in awe of these two freaks.
    i LOVE nasser........complete hard monster....intelligent man, speaks untold languages, the specs.......GRRRRRRR......perfect combination of fucked up hardman muscle and intelligent science geek, like he's the result of one of his own experiments!!
    he always wore the best posing trunks.....tiny and sticky....always showed him off to the max!
    i used to get off on an amazing pic i had of him....he was hitting a crab shot, amazing most muscular....totally ripped, every single part of his body was hard and fat free. he was stood straining on some steps outside and everyone around was staring at him. wish i could find that pic!
    and then we have jean pierre....pumped up and bulbous....great trunks again....and yeah...very cute face!!
    where as nasser had the kind of hard muscle you'd break your knuckles against, j.p. had muscle you could bounce off!!
    muscle for every occasion depending in the mood you were in.
    great post mate (as always).
    keep 'em coming. x

  8. man...just watched one of those nasser vids.
    memories came flooding back!
    a lasting memory looking at him in the pics (and the same is certainly true of the vids) is that you can almost smell the man........the muscle, the sweat, the powerful!!
    geeeez......if i could just touch that sweat......all man!!

  9. Wow - another great post Muscleadict. Nasser was one of the best. I could look at him all day long - and I think we must share a preference for dark haired/ arabic looking mass monsters. I really get hard thinking about the dedication these freaks have made to mutate into such muscle mutants. If you check out Nasser's before pics (from his early 20s) you can see that even his head has changed - his jaw has changed shape (becoming much more masculine) from years roid abuse. And there's something about that crotch that is more mesmerizing than most. So fucking hot.

  10. I had the pleasure of being one of Jean Pierre's training clients earlier this year in Palm Springs. He's very kind - I call him a gentle giant. His knowledge of bodybuilding is at least 10 times greater than any of the other trainers at the gym. I feel lucky to have spent so much time with him. Great guy.


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