Friday, 20 April 2012


Welcome to GLUTE FEST 2012! We've got Huge Glutes..Juicy Glutes..Freaky Glutes..Rock Hard Glutes..Striated Glutes..Tensed Glutes..Flexed Glutes..Tanned Glutes..Naked Glutes..Glutes exploding out of bright shiny posing trunks..Glutes so big they completely swallow up bright shiny posing trunks..Glutes that make you go "mmmmm"..Glutes to make your underpants feel three times smaller..Glutes that make you shout "hell YEAH baby got back! oh momma..break me off a piece o' THAT"..GLUTES GLUTES GLUTES!!

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  1. Some fabulous pics here. Nice to see the way some bodybuilders are willing to bare all. The male form at its most beautiful and powerful. I love the degree of almost public nudity the sport seems to encouraging at the moment. WOOF!!!

  2. This is what it's all about. Perfect muscle butts eating that tiny fabric. All bodybuilders should bend over at least once while on stage. What a beautiful view that would be. There's nothing I appreciate more on a bodybuilder than a big juicy bubble butt. Just sit on my face big man and I'll be cumming like a waterfall. Fabulous post bro.

  3. Who is the last guy with the butt in shredded glory? So freaking hot. Yea, cochi is rt about the bendover. It should be called the glute spread or something hot like that. And less trunk. Dammit I gotta change my undie now.

  4. This post is so awesome; thanks, man! Keep 'em comin :).

  5. Fine, fine, fine!!! Super fuckably hot! Awesome post.

  6. Thanks for the awesome comments guys. The last pic is my personal favourite. Freaky shredded ripped hot NASTY bodybuilder butt beef at its best!

  7. Muscleaddict, thanks for the post.

    Please could you provide the names of the guys for the following pictures:
    1) Number 5 (the dude in the kitchen). Powerfully built guy.
    2) Number 13 (the guy in the blue trunks and tattoo on his back)
    4) Number 15 (the completey naked guy. He's so symmetrical.)
    5) ** Number 19 (the man in the black posers. Fantastic leg development.

    My favourite is picture no 19 (the guy in the black posers), such good all-round development, amazing!!!

    Thanks oceej

    1. Hey fella..I'm pretty sure no.15 is Jason Arntz, unfortunately I don't know who any of the others you asked about are!

  8. Awesome post! As always! Huge muscle-arses left, right and centre, throb! Some shredded, some juicy, all fucking SCORCHING! Personal faves are the very first and the very last; those lads have an exceptional muscled booty on 'em. Oh and for some reason I also really love the one of the guy bending over, his purple posers stretched to tearing point across those massive hams, but then I do have a bit of a 'thing' for purple poser! But let's face it, I'd plough and and all of these enormous bums into next week! BOING!

  9. #15 is NOT Jason Arntz; it's some Czech or Slovak bb.


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