Sunday, 15 April 2012


Here are three reasons why every self respecting muscle lover/addict/junkie/nut should bow down and worship the hotness that is PJ Braun....

#1 - THE BODY!! Just look at the fucking STATE of those ridiculous arms!! Choo Choo...all aboard the Spunk stop...Tricep City! The rest of his buff beefy brauny body isn't exactly lacking in the size stakes either. His vascularity is beyond hot too. Check out the nasty splattering of veins across his delts and pecs in those insane Most Muscular shots, like a thousand thin snakes running riot under his paper thin smooth bronzed skin, and the crazy ass road map of veins covering those pumped quads in those uber-sexy outdoor shots of him wearing nothing but his trainers and little blue shiny trunks. Slurp!

#2 - THE LOOKS!! PJ's a ridiculously cute, insanely gorgeous, mega sexy American jock boy hottie, and even without the 200 lbs of smooth pumped bulging roided beef I'd be a smitten kitten.

#3 - THE ATTITUDE!! I've seen and read interviews with PJ and he comes across as such a fucking nice, sweet guy, but squeeze him into a pair of brightly coloured skimpy posers, splash on 3 litres of mega dark tan and push him onto a bodybuilding stage and suddenly he turns into a fucking animal!! Grraaarrrrr!! Look at him arrogantly opening his mouth and scrunching up his face as he's squeezing out those vein erupting beef exploding monster Most Musculars!! Spunk-fucking-tastic! I just love his awesome/cocky/superior/"I'm shit fucking hot and I know it..all the dudes wanna be me..all the girls wanna do me..and some of the dudes wanna do me too" attitude!

We fucking love you PJ Braun!!


  1. love the pic with the light green tank top doing bicep curls.... massive slabs of pec beef wanting to explode out of the skin tight top... how about a blog of beef in skin tight t shirts and shorts...... live for the beef

    1. Love this guy. Anyone want to chat about him? Message me 07738955428

  2. 'Braun' rhymes with 'brawn' (which PJ has in spades) which rhymes with 'horn' (which PJ gives me) which rhymes with 'torn' (which the crotch of my boxers have) which rhymes with 'porn' (which PJ is hotter than) which rhymes with 'corn' (which PJ is fed on) which rhymes with 'born' (which I'm glad PJ was) and so on.....

  3. Omg, awesome body! Massive muscles, so thick & ripped!! On my knees, begging... (lol)

  4. Love those side profile shots of PJ, where the size and shape of his powerful male ass is perfectly displayed. PJ is proud of that big round ass. And he should be. He knows the effect it has on men. He knows they can't help staring at it, wanting to touch it and feel it all over. Aww fuck yeah.....PJ knows how to use that big muscle ASS to get anything he wants from men.

  5. I love PJ too - he is and always will be to me the most handsome of men - so damned cute - and so built and so hot....I'd love to be all his - with him all the time - in awe.


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