Sunday, 29 April 2012


I can not express how much I love the Most Muscular pose!! I just fucking love seeing a monstrous inhuman ripped shredded roid beast caked in deep dark shiny tan and wearing nothing but skimpy bright trunks lean forward into the ULTIMATE bodybuilding pose, huge fuck-off melon traps exploding up to the earlobes, everything tripling in size, triceps blasting out, biceps so pumped they look like their about to burst through the skin, monster door frame destroying delts four times the width of the average man's waist, huge hard thick pecs shredded to hell and back. Even better when the muscle freak of nature in question gives it some real attitude as he's squeezing his insane beef. I love a cheeky/cocky tongue sticking out, or a cocky "fuck yeah" facial expression, but what I really fucking love is when a bodybuilder suddenly gets really nasty/arrogant/aggressive and open their mouths wide or even better, aggressively screams/shouts/grunts as they're hitting this pant creamer of a bodybuilding pose. FUCK to the YES!!

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Saturday, 28 April 2012


There's something I feel I need to share with my fellow muscle junkies. I fucking LOVE muscle daddies!! There's something insanely hot about a 40+ guy, ripped and roided to the eyeballs, who's pumped and pumped himself up to epic proportions, just to squeeze into a pair of tiny bright posing trunks, cake on three tons of shiny golden tan and stomp and strut, and flex and squeeze his huge mature paper thin skin encased beef just so guys like us can spunk their trunks at the mere sight of him.

I love all kinds of muscle daddies. Huge arrogant butch Greek muscle daddies like Mike Kefalianos, cheeky cocky ridiculously handsome French muscle daddies like Christian Lacoche, and then we have little bald butch sexy Spanish muscle daddies who somehow manage to look both cute and cheeky and extremely masculine, who for some reason look as red a fucking lobster in most pictures (don't ask me why the fuck I love that so much because I don't have an answer) and who clearly love being little/huge balls of ripped up roided freaky vascular daddy-esque Francisco Marra Sanchez!!

NOTE: A lot of the amazing stage & backstage/pump room pics here were taken by Miguel Calatayud. Link to his flickr account and more photos here:

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