Thursday, 22 March 2012


I fucking love the image of a big thick roid beast with his fists on his waist, his insanely muscular frame morphing into a V shape, freakishly big lats exploding out like wings, big thick juicy pecs jumping up like 2 cobras trying to attack the owners chin as he hits a front lat spread. It's such a striking image, stunning, powerful, beautiful, masculine, and of course, incredibly hot!

There are, of course, a couple of things which some bodybuilders do which make the pose even hotter, like cheekily pulling their posing trunk straps up slightly as they hit the pose (see Jose Raymond), tilting their heads up high and pulling arrogant/proud/powerful/smug facial expressions (see Ben Pakulski) or outrageously and arrogantly opening their mouths wide as if to say "hell fucking yeah this is the shit right here mother fuckers" (see Robert Burneika).

Here are said muscle monsters, along with some more of the biggest, best, and hottest bodybuilders on the planet all in this phenomenally hot, incredibly powerful pose...


  1. Lat spread is a really sexy pose and this is a great collection, but where was Mohamed Sala with his absolutely insane lat spread. That's really creaming man!

  2. Love the lats

  3. I just love the lat spread , all the upper body muscle just explode . I wonder how it must feel for those guys when they explode into a lat spread pose must be awesome !

  4. What about Dorian that's double creaming matey!


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