Friday, 30 March 2012


Time for another set of Calvin-stretching crotch-dampening, jaw to the floor, eyeballs popping out of your socket, one eyed trouser snake ripping clean through your jeans and almost hitting the ceiling Youtube videos of monstrous, stacked, superhuman, ripped, roided muscle GODS...

Absolutely INSANE video of Canadian bodybuilding superstar Antoine Vaillant posing topless and up close for the camera. The quality of the video is amazing and Antoine just looks incredible! Blistering with huge smooth cuts of ripped up beef, bulging and rippling as he flexes for the camera. Huge delts, stacked abs, full pecs, vascular arms...Antoine is an incredible superior muscle specimen of the hottest order!

Another ball-emptying close up video of a muscle freak posing. The freak in question this time being Armon Abidi, looking crazy pumped & cut to fuck in nothing but a pair of HOT little bright red Diesel underpants. I love how he pulls those babies up to show the camera his ripped hard glutes as he hits the awesome beef exploding side chest. FUCKING. HAWT!! I also love how his pumped freaky muscle is covered with a nasty splattering of veins, and how he makes the craziest horniest little noises, grunting and hissing as his huge muscle explodes at the camera.

Comparisons video from the 2011 New York Pros. Lionel Beyeke looks huge and THICK in a pair of the hottest shiniest posing trunks and big bad bald daddy Michael Kefalianos looks as awesome as ever (especially when he's wiping down those thick meaty tree trunk quads of his) but big Rob Burneika and muscle FREAK Jason Huh are the two stand out guys here for me. The best moment comes at the end when the monsters squeeze out those big muscle popping Most Musculars. I love the way Jason aggressively SLAMS into the pose like an animal, the craziest look on his face. Grrrrr!!

12 amazing minutes of the HALF-MAN HALF-MONSTER from Russia Alexey Lesukov. It kicks off with a minute of pump room footage before Alexey hits the stage. I don't think there's a video on YouTube where Alexey looks so damn monstrous. Caked in the darkest deepest most awesome tan, squeezed into a pair of the hottest paper thin gold posing trunks and just bugling with ridiculous beastly muscle all over. The pecs look absolutely humongous. Big and plump, thick as shit, bulging out like two huge pillows strapped to his chest. Notice how all the other competitors seem to wanna pose next to Alexey. They know he's the star of the show and that's where the attention is, either that or they just wanna be as close as possible to this mountain of God-like monstrous mass of huge muscle. Who the fuck can blame them?

Preview video of last year's NPC Teen show on DVD from the awesome USAMuscle. Look out for Gavin Faul, the very first guy featured who keeps popping up throughout the video. He's such a ripped up lil' cutie bum and the awesome/crazy/cocky attitude as he squeezes his meat is insanely hot! My favourite part comes at 1:16 where a trio of
HOT/sexy/cheeky/cocky/arrogant/nasty muscle boys aggressively slam down those Most Musculars and squeeze their pumped up boy beef like fucking mental patients. Is it me or are these teen bodybuilders just getting cockier and cockier?

Links to my previous YouTube video posts below:


Features Antoine Vaillant, Mohamed Salama, Ben Pakulski, Michael Kefalianos & an awesome compilation of noisy bodybuilders!!


Features Dennis Wolf, Alexey Lesukov, Rob Burneika and some incredible rock hard striated glutes!


  1. Oh mighty web-master, what the fuck do you have to do to get a comment or two from your fellow muscle addicts after a post like this? Maybe they're too weak from enjoying themselves to hit the key-board. These videos are AMAZING AND HOT! HOT! HOT!! I want to be the one to apply the tan on Lesukov. You're right about those monstrous and fuckable pecs of his. This has been a feast for eye and hand. Thanks!

  2. HAHA! Fucking awesome comment!! Grrrrr! Really appreciate it. Alexey's pecs are just ridiculous. You'd need about a week to tan up those humungous thick dense juicy fuckers. I have no idea why so few people are commenting on my posts..I'll go with your theory. Either that, people's sticky keyboards are fucked, they're fainting from over excitement/arousal or slipping into cum comas...?!

  3. Yes, you're fucking right. I'm completely breathless & speechless to write anything smart. Total hotness dude. Keep making us hard and horny with these incredible roided beasts. Love reading all the text. Adds up nicely to amazing photos and videos.

  4. Cochynolo your comments are always fucking, thoughtful, well written, not to mention HOT!! Love it when you comment! What was your favourite vid from the post?

  5. The 2011 NY Pro video & Alexey Lesukov. Because I have major weakness for short bulky muscle men like Jason Huh and our Russian muscle god Alexey. It almost seems as if my hand would completely disappear if I were to put it between his muscle cheeks. Those smooth beautiful buns are huge and pumped. I would be pissing cum if any of these guys were in my vicinity. Can you imagine being stuck in the elevator with these monsters with very little space to move? Just the thought of it makes my heart BPM jump to the roof.

  6. FUCK FUCK FUCK! Cochynolo you're awesome! Jason Huh is an absolute freak...when he slams down those big monster Most Musculars I don't know wether to cry..or spunk. You can tell he just fucking loves being huge too and the effect his freaky size and muscle has on people. He knows theres guys and girls out there who'd do anything just to touch him. As for Alexey, he's just a muscle dream come fucking true. An absolute roid monster from HELL with the cutest most boyish face. Talk about head fuck!!

  7. hey roid lovers! all of the above and more please...... every day is muscle day you can never grow big enough and this blog rocks my world.....

    1. Thanks for all your awesome comments "pak00"..loving them all! Keep them coming!

  8. OMG, the alexey vid, at the start, how can she ever take her hands off of that YOUNG superhuman mountain of granite slabs of muscle. i would be riding him feeling the mounds of oiled, sweat drenched muscle flexing, then slide down over those huge dream glutes huging the oak trees of thighs and bury my face in that ass and DIE HAPPY. .keep up the good work dude. THANKS


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