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If you like one or more of the following...
  • huge thick superhuman roid beasts dripping in ridiculously dark tan and caked in shiny oil
  • videos of big freaky muscle bulls wearing nothing but shiny tiny sticky posing trunks
  • monstrous mountains of thick pumped beef squeezing out crazy awesome Most Musculars
...chances are you'll like this absolutely incredible video from YouTube! 7 minutes of huge ripped bodybuilders squeezing out big nasty cocky arrogant skin stretching muscle popping beef exploding Most Musculars one after the other.

I was originally going to feature this video in one of my "Five Amazing YouTube Video" posts, but its just such a fucking awesome muscle video, I think it deserves it's own post! I've made a couple of similar Most Muscular compilation videos and posted them on to YouTube myself, so it's awesome to see someone else doing the same and doing such an incredible job of it.

There's a couple of big well known competitors in the mix like Nick Trigili, Frank McGrath & Ben Pacman, but a large chunk of the other muscle tanks are relatively unknown. About the first half of the video consists of footage from the 2011 NABBA Universe, one of the biggest amateur bodybuilding competitions in the world. If those guys don't really float your boat, it's well worth holding out for the second half, which is a nice meaty mix of European guys, the aforementioned big name American guys, and a few Russian bulls thrown in.

Below the video I've pointed out some of the videos highlights, as well as giving a few thoughts on some of the guys in featured & a little rundown of who some of the muscle freaks in question are.

Watch and enjoy this incredibly awesome, indescribably HOT 7 minute muscle video epic...

0:01 - Russian BEAST Ramses Tlyakodugov. Not only is he huge ripped and freakishly vascular, he's absolutely caked in the most incredible golden tan. The cocky attitude coming from this guy is awesome, love the big crazy grin and cocky head nod as he's squeezing the goods.

0:13, 0:28 & 1:52 - Cute cheeky gorgeous British bodybuilder Dave Guest squeezing his ridiculously pumped juicy beef so fucking HARD I'm surprised his skin doesn't rip, his muscles don't pop causing him to just explode all over the fucking stage.

1:06 - Brazilian hottie Samuel Vieira. Dude is fucking JACKED, look at the big thick juicy slabby pecs! Slurp!!

1:30, 1:56, 2:15 - Vojtech Koritensky from Czech Republic and God DAYMN what a hot lil' bald butch ball of beef!! Sexy as hell, size for days, incredible attitude.

1:48 - British bodybuilder Lukas Gabris. The guy is an absolute MONSTER. Check out that chunky thick powerful feast of beef on his upper chest. WOOF!

2:03, 3:25 & 3:46 - British bodybuilder Andy Polhill, stacked, ripped, gorgeous, handsome, and cocky as fucking HELL squeezing out those big mouth wide open MM's!

2:06 - Jesus fucking Christ!! Now THAT's a Most Muscular! Cheeky handsome Slavoj Bednar from Czech Republic with some seriously awesome cuts of juicy striated muscle on his carcass aggressively and arrogantly squeeeeeeezing his pumped up beef.

2:27 - Petr Vanis, another beast from the Czech Republic and DAMN what an incredible Most Muscular he squeezes with his mouth arrogantly hand on his huge hard ripped quad. Amazing!!

2:35 - The nasty vascular mountain of daddy-esque British beef that is Jason Corrick!! Look at him go!! Fucking squeeze it big man!

2:41, 3:35 & 4:01 - Tomas Bures from the Czech Republic, an incredible amateur bodybuilder with outstanding condition. He's huge, handsome and crazy ripped. Anyone wanna lick those trails of sweat/tan dripping down his hard stacked freaky abs??

2:48 & 4:19 - 3 WORDS: OH. MY. GOD. Hot huge handsome Hungarian muscle monster Zoltan Voros, mouth so arrogantly wide open as he hits the pose he looks like he's about to swallow up an audience member from the front row. So much arrogance and power it's unreal!!

3:14 - French muscle daddy Christian Lacoche!! As huge and handsome as ever in his shiny purple posing trunks. Grrrrruff!!

3:18 - Recent Arnold amateur competitor Miha Zupan from Slovakia. Seriously outstanding condition, handsome and hot, and an all round awesome bodybuilder.

3:32 - Jesus Christ on a spunk stained bike!! This is guy's horny! Drenched in the darkest most gorgeous bronzed tan, dripping with shiny oil, big and ripped, gorgeous and sexy and the attitude as he squeezes the beef is off the chart horny. Love him!!

3:28 & 4:30 - Another 2012 Arnold Amateur competitor Dave Titterton from the UK. This mountain of meat has placed highly in NABBA contests in the last few years. His conditioning in this vid is crazy, and the attitude is just insane!! Do you think anyone would believe him if he confessed to being the shy retiring type?!!

3:44 - The big butch British butch bodybuilding beast that is Shane Copley. A walking muscle GOD on Earth!!

3:55 & 5:02 - And the Brits keep coming, pro daddy John Hodgson, and another who likes to give as much attitude as possible when he's blasting out those explosive Most Musculars.

4:27 & 5:54 - Ok someone call the Roid Police. Jesus look at the fucking size of this animal!! Size for days, make that months, big thick juicy slabs of muscle exploding off his frame. Absolute BEAST!

4:45 - FUCK check out this incredible volley of Most Musculars from Martin Kasal (Czech Republic), the guy just fucking loves squeezing out those bad boys doesn't he??

4:51 - Pro German monster Armin Scholz and FUCK ME this guy is one HELL of a poser! What an animal!

5:07 & 7:03 - American bodybuilder Grigori Atoyan looking as huge, handsome and awesome as always.

5:15 & 6:26 - Oh comes Canadian pro Frank McGrath..all 500 lbs of him, ripped and pumped and sexy and handsome, ripping up the stage and giving it HELL as he squeezes his nasty freaky mountain of insanely hot muscle mass. There goes my last clean pair of underpants...

5:24 - God DAMN that's nasty!! Huge hot blonde Russian beast Denis Burmistrov..pecs splattered with nasty veins..awesome/sexy/crazy/cocky attitude as he squeezes his superhuman muscle hard.

5:28 - Here comes Polish monster Radek Slodkiewicz caked in the the most delicious dark tan, squeezing the hell out of his outrageously pumped meat.

5:44 - Now THAT is how to squeeze a big nasty cocky awesome pant creaming Most Muscular. Next train for Cum Coma City boarding in 5 minutes...

5:52 & 5:58 - Lock up your sons, daughters, and grandmothers and make sure you've got a spare pair of Calvins handy, HUGE ROIDED MUSCLE MONSTER on the loose....

6:23 & 6:40 - Hot Spanish BEAST Alfonso Del Rio!! Look at those insanely juicy pecs and that outrageously cocky expression on his face. Sheer muscle arrogance all the way and 100% justified!!


6:38 - American muscle freak Guy Cisternino. Fucking love this guy! So damn handsome, ripped to fuckery and back, and one hell of an awesome poser. All non-expressive/bland/dull/lifeless bodybuilders take note!

6:50 - Ok who is THIS sexy/gorgeous muscle SPUNK with the cheekiest/cockiest grin on his face as he's showing off his feast of huge smooth pumped muscle. Answers on a spunk stained postcard please....

6:56 - American cutie Nick Trigili. Go on Nick...squeeeeeze that big pumped roid injected All American BEEF....

7:07 - What a finish!! Hungarian hottie Peter Molnar showing us what a nice, shy, quiet, humble, unassuming guy he is. Hmmmm.....

And if that 7 minutes *still* wasn't enough to satisfy your muscle needs, check out the below "preview" video. Looks like there's a 2nd Most Muscular compilation from the creator on the way! HELL. FUCKIN'. YEAH!!!

Links to more posts with YouTube videos & descriptions:


  1. So fucking hot! Just reading this post made me hard. All those gorgeous beasts with their muscle exploding bodies in one video is a major cum teaser. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !

  2. Thanks man. Love your comments! It's a fucking awesome video. Who's your favourite guy?

  3. Fuck me gently! This was so hottt!!! Sticky keyboard again. This blog just gets better and better. Sometimes I'm almost too weak to type a message!

  4. That's a tough question to answer. But if I had to choose just one it would have to be my all time favorite spanish muscle bull Alfonso Del Rio. He's the sweetest dream. But seriously, who could ever say no to any of these guys? This blog is oozing of total muscle perfection.

  5. Cochynolo, I'm planning to do a post on Alfonso Del Rio..hes such a BEAST! Love that hes a bit of a daddy too.

    Thanks for the awesome comment too Anonymous..keep em coming.


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