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There was an incident recently where a man almost drowned in a pool of his own spunk. When the medics arrived they found he had been watching videos on YouTube. Apparently the below videos are the last 5 viewed by the man before the unfortunate event...

Alexey Lesukov Posing Practice 2011 FIBO

The young Russian beast with the insanely huge thick plump juicy mountain of muscle mass body and the ridiculously cute young looking head hitting some poses and showing a room full of much smaller/inferior spectators what an absolute freaky sueprhuman monster he is as they watch on in total awe/admiration/fear/envy/arousal. Or so I like to think anyway...

Dennis Wolf talks 2010 Mr. Olympia

I remember German born Wolf before his pro/Olympia competing days so I've wathed him transform into the monster he is today. As every part has exploded in size, so has the awesome/cocky/arrogant attitude! The best parts of this video are the training clips in between the interview. He looks insanely pumped huge ripped and freaky, and the cocky attitude he gives as he pumps and poses is incredibly HOT!!

Men +100kg (Eliminations)

A comparisons video from the 2008 IFBB World Championships, this is one of my all time favourite muscle videos from YouTube, not only because the muscle freaks on stage are huge, jacked and ripped, but because every single mountain of huge hard perfectly tanned muscle oozes an awesome/superior/cocky/arrogant attitude. Features a pre-pro Robert Piotrkowicz and the always horny as fuck Radek Slodkiewicz.

Hardcorowy Koksu 2011 New York Pro HD

My first impression of this vid was "Jesus Fucking Christ All Mighty". One of best Robert Burneika videos on YouTube. Is he just the PERFECT poser or what? Look at those phenomenal Most Muscualrs, pumped freaky beef spilling out a mile, cocky outrageous facial expressions, he even cheekily pops his tongue out at 1 point. The cocky fucking fucker! Spunk worthy material of the highest fucking order.

Vlado & Tom battling it out

One for the ass lovers now! One of the BEST vids I've seen for outrageously cocky ass pointing/touching/showing off has got to be this fucking legendary video of Thomas Young and Vladimir Flimel from the 2009 NABBA World Championships. The whole video is amazing thanks to the fucking STONKING bods and off the chart awesome attitude coming from Vladimir but the ass admiration is just incredible!

05:25 - WOOF FUCKING WOOF!! Look at Thom's big huge hard glutes outrageously on display. Vlad decides its time to get in on that ass action and tucks his posers into his crack a little (those poor fuckers)!

05:27 - As Thom POINTS to both cheeks with both hands (OUTRAGEOUS) Vlad decides to give one of his cheeks a cheeky little fondle (don't fucking blame ya mate)!

05:30 - Er....WHY did you lift up one leg and bend right forward Vlad? You couldn't possibly be trying to draw more attention to your glutes, and, much to my horror, giving the audience more of an ogle at your crack? That surely is illegal in bodybuilding?? Disgusting behaviour!! (I fucking love Vladimir)!!!

05:34 - Vlad "cups" both glutes with his hands. Jesus...can't you keep your hands off those babies for even 1 second??

05:35 - FUCK. ING. HELL. Vlad aggressively start fucking tapping at his glutes with both hands in what must be one of the BEST ass moves I've ever fucking seen. Must also give 1 final little mention to Thom's Glutes of Steel. I could quite happily just sit an inch from that thing just and stare at it for...ooh...I dunno....a fucking year!!

06:06 - And a nice lil' bonus treat......a Thom Young DOUBLE QUAD WOBBLE before both beasts hit those monster Most Musculars, Vlad cheekily pointing/gesturing to each body part. FUCK ME!!

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  1. So much perfection on stage. Those beautiful glutes make my juices flowing. Hot!


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