Sunday, 5 February 2012


I’ve written a “Things To Do Before You Turn 30” list for Cody Lewis….

1) Explode with huge thick MASS all over thus becoming even more of a superhuman muscle freak. YEAH BABY!!

2) Win pro card and compete in the biggest shows alongside the biggest monsters of the muscle world.

3) Work on posing/attitude on stage so that he’s THE cockiest/animated/most “in your face” muscle freak on the stage, outrageously sticking out his tongue, aggressively squeezing his pumped mass hard while pulling all sorts of nasty/arrogant/cocky/aggressive/”I’m hot fucking shit and I know it” facial expressions.

4) Experiment with the sick, bad boy Mohawks, bleach blonde, dark, bright red, long, short, spiky, flat. Each one hotter than the last!

5) Wear some awesome/crazy/outrageous clothing during my posing routines, stomp out looking crazy sick wearing some boots, bad boy shades, silver chain, and a backwards cap.

6) Develop a reputation for wearing the hottest/crazy-assed posing trunks in the business. Hot rubber pink, wafer thin gold and shiny as shit, “stars and stripes” trunks, lime green, hot baby blue, trunks with glitter on them, trunks with words sown in the back such as “CODY” or “FREAK”, each pair tiny, shiny, skimpy, paper thin and regularly stuffed into his ass crack to show off his hot hard “Glutes of Doom”.

7) Do some hardcore/freaky/awesome photo shoots with Canadian bodybuilder Antoine Vaillant, both looking so insanely pumped our skin looks like it can barely contain the mass exploding out underneath, ripped & cut to shreds, veins popping up and running all over our freaky bulging mass, both giving it some awesome/cocky attitude, every resulting picture EXPLODING with hyper-masculinity, confidence, aggression and power!!

8) Be the cause of some legendary posedown’s with my fellow muscle freaks on stage, pressing heads with Steve Kuclo while they both aggressively opens their mouths wide and squeeze out huge crazy Most Muscular’s, wiping, rubbing, and touching Nick Trigili’s big thick crazy ripped quads as he prepares for a big abs & thighs and wrapping his arm round Jason Huh’s neck as they crunch their tight stacked abs, bodies pressed up tight against each other, big thick tan drenched quads rubbing together.

9) Produce a Cody “The Quadfather” Lewis DVD, which includes loads of honest, cocky, “straight talking” confessions about how awesome it feels to be a pumped up muscle freak, loads of posing for the camera, awesome close up shots, and trips/photo shoots to parks and cities where Cody waddles round in nothing but shades, posing trunks and trainers/boots, watch every one gasp, stare and shriek as he struts his beef in the middle of a crowded street or a packed park, then starts hitting some awesome freaky poses for the camera as he draws a crowd of shocked, surprised, fearful, admiring & aroused non-muscle freaks, at 1 point, turning to the camera and making a frank & honest confession “I feel like a God”!

10) Make every bitch wet and every dude hard whenever he walks into a room. Oh wait…my bad, he does that already.

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  1. Horrible haircut but who gives a fuck? The guy is awesomely cute and cutely awesome. I like the pix of his back - good muscle there.

  2. We're gonna have to agree to the mohawk!

  3. Well said. I'm feeling ready to train with him and become an understudy: huge; vein-poping; muscle freak like Cody. Pounding out weights till every muscle is pumped hard as rock and flaunting out every pose until I'm perfect.
    Motivation plus.
    Go Cody!


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