Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Time for another collection of freakishly pumped up muscle monstrosities outrageously flexing squeezing and posing their superhuman BEEF in their kitchens/bathrooms/living rooms, some wearing nothing but a pair of the tiniest posing trunks. WOOF! This time round we’ve got ridiculously sexy Beat Meschberger posing outside what I presume is his front door in the hottest pair of lil’ red shorts, Branch Warren looking like the absolute beast that is squeezing a monster Abs & Thighs in his living room, Marius Dohne squeezing a hot Most Muscular in a pair of lil' orange trunks, Rob Kreider cheekily pulling up his shirt to display his dry freaky ripped abs, Egyptian muscle freak Mohamed Salama in a pair of hot crisp white undies, plus Seth Feroce, Antoine Vaillant, Paolo Fontana, Aaron Clark and a host of other ripped up pumped up muscle freaks from Heaven...

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1 comment:

  1. Fuck me - pleeease!!!!Do any of you superhuman, beautiful, gorgeous muscle freaks need any one to cook and clean for you. I wouldn't require any wages, just a few perks we could negotiate!


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