Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Let's be honest, Paul "Quadzilla" DeMayo was pretty much a walking God on Earth! With his bowling ball biceps, perfectly shaped full juicy pecs, crazy calves, and of course, those big thick tree trunk wheels which earned him his awesome nickname, Paul was a big name in bodybuilding in the 80's/90's. He might have been before my time, but that doesn't stop me from being a HUGE fan of this mighty God-like superior male specimen. It's not the just the body I love either. Arguably one of the best looking men to ever squeeze into a pair of posing trunks and waddle onto a bodybuilding stage, looks wise Paul was pretty much close to perfection. The guy was an awesome poser on stage too, cocky and powerful but charming and charismatic with it. One second he'd be squeezing out a big double bicep with that gorgeous/dreamy/cheeky/charming/nice guy smile, and the next second he'd be arrogantly grimacing and screwing up his face like a mean nasty aggressive fucker and squeezing out a big hard gritty Most Muscular. Grrrrruff!! RIP Quadzilla, you ridiculously handsome, heart melting-ly gorgeous muscle God/bodybuilding legend/Monstrous Mountain of Muscle Perfection!


  1. Wow excellent images, how to get this kind of body? how much time will taken to achieve this? male body builders

  2. AddictNo2, thank you very much for this post on one of my all-time favourites the Mighty DeMayo.

    He was one of the few people who really got me turned onto bodybuilding. He had what all too many bodybuilders lack, a lower body that matched his torso. I love mega huge legs and a beefy ass to match. He was huge and powerful and dwarfed may of his opponents.

    I love your descriptions, so upfront, so on the nail, so sexy. Any chance of an e-mail address or forum, so there is some more room for discussion.

    Thanks for this excellent site.


  3. Thank you for the images of Paul de Mayo;one of my all time favourites.he was the total man package.Great site-bang on!!

  4. anon, i totally agree. i too love huge massive legs with rock hard slabs of muscle hanging of them like cement blocks. demayo was one of the greatest young gorgeous muscle freaks ever. shame he had to go so young. may he rest in peace.

  5. your site is (as it is named) totally addictive - I'm so turned on be the massive vascular images, particularly the luscious pecs!
    However, I'm curious why Mark Alvisi is not featured anywhere - not only a huge hunk, but also very handsome.
    Thank for great pics.

    1. Hey thanks dude. There are a couple of pics of Alvisi on here. If you check out the "Labels" to the right you'll be able to find them. I do really like him..as you say ridiculously handsome & one hell of a body.


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