Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Alexey Lesukov is the ultimate “head doesn’t match the body” bodybuilder!! How can that impossibly cute young looking head belong to THAT monstrous mountain of huge plump thick juicy muscle MASS he has the cheek to call his body?! Head fucks at ten paces! There’s just one thing that confuses me about Alexey. Why does he always walk around with those two big plump pillows taped to his chest? Oh no wait, that IS his chest! Alexey has no use for a dinner table, he just balances his dinner on his fucking chest. Best not to go anywhere near a pin Alexey, those balloon-esque pecs would probably go POP and it wouldnt be a pretty sight. Im surprised that cute face of his isnt covered in bruises. Those big plump babies must fucking smack him in the face every time he front lat spreads. The rest of his physique isn’t so bad either. Youre supposed to KICK footballs Alexey, not balance them on your arms! And then there’s the quads! Those things are incredible. It looks like he’s grabbed the nearest bodybuilder ripped off his quads and stuck them on top of his own! To sum up, Alexey is a ridiculously cute monstrous FREAK of insanely THICK plump huge Russian beef!


And in case you missed it, a link to my original Alexey post:

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