Sunday, 8 January 2012


There's so many reasons to love American bodybuilder Nick Trigili. Not only is he a handsome as hell, cute as fuck, pretty American jock boy hottie, but also happens to be a ripped up, roided up, beefed up TANK on two legs! Every body part is awesome, but I especially love those crazy delts, that planet of a back & those big bulging triceps which look as if they're trying to escape from his body.

There's just one thing I'd change about Nick...his taste in posing trunks! What's with those over sized maroon velvet numbers?? Posing trunks need to be tiny, sticky, paper thin with straps as thin as dental floss, hugging the huge juicy glutes of their owners so tight they look like a second skin, and so outrageously bright and shiny you need sunglasses to look directly at them. I'd love to see Nick in a tiny pair of bright red, mega shiny, slightly sparkly rubber-y trunks, struggling to contain the packed bulge nestled in between his big thick quad meat and barely covering up any of his hard ripped boy glutes, the shiny rubber-y material threatening to get swallowed up by that greedy ass and retreat into his sweaty crack every time he flexes and squeezes his huge hot mass of All American muscle. Grrrrrr!!


  1. He is just so damn pretty. He can have anyone and everything he desires. I agree about his terrible choice of posers. I guess he's trying to aggravate us by not revealing too much. Which I think makes us like him even more. Brute bully.

  2. Love the comments about Nick's taste in posers. Your comments sould be the rules for every show contestant bright, tight, and very very brief.

  3. Nick is one hell of a muscleman. He has both the face and the body.!!! God has been good to this young man!!!


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