Thursday, 12 January 2012


I love it when a big jacked superhuman muscle monster throws his hands behind his head and then SLAMS into the abs & thighs pose. Huge biceps ballooning either side of his head, big hard freaky abs popping out like stacked bricks under bronzed paper thin skin, big cocky "eat shit" expression plastered on his face. Even hotter is when a bodybuilder wobbles/shakes one of his big thick quads before hitting the pose. Wobble wobble wobble...shake shake shake that meaty tree trunk quad before BAM...hitting hard into one of the hottest bodybuilding poses conceived.


  1. My favorite pose also, but better when the shot is 45 degrees from the front as it displays a more revealing profile of his package. The flexed serratus anterior alongside the pumped up gut from this view is also hot.

  2. Love the smirk on Marius Dohone and Ben Pakulski

  3. Yeah man agree with 12 Jan post love when you get that side on look, package bulging, mega glutes - posing trunks straining. arrogant look veins bulging, just perfect man.


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