Sunday, 29 January 2012


I recently came across some pictures of a Spanish muscle daddy called Jose Maria Forte. Here are some brief thoughts…
  • Jose is a 40+ bodybuilder which automatically makes him a “muscle daddy”. However, there are poor/crap excuses for muscle daddies, who don’t really look or act like muscle daddies, they just happen to be a 40+ bodybuilders, and then there are AWESOME muscle daddies. Jose is so bald he makes a boiled egg look hairy, he has a little daddy-esque/slightly camp goatee and sports a gold hoop earring, in short Jose very *much* looks like a muscle daddy, which puts Jose in the AWESOME muscle daddy category!!!
  • Jose is not the biggest bodybuilder to squeeze into a pair of posing trunks, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in definition, and… 
  • VEINS!!! Jose is ridiculously, insanely, grotesquely vascular!! It seems almost every inch of him is covered in nasty snake like veins, like a thousand little wires running under his paper thin skin and plastering his pumped up daddy beef. W.O.O.F!!!
    • Jose seems to have a thing for dressing up in tacky/trashy/cheesy clothing & outfits. It’s cute, cheeky, funny…and downright fucking HOT!!
    • Every single picture of Jose oozes confidence/cockiness/strength/pure masculinity and POWER. 
      • And finally…I’m thinking of setting up an “Adopt A Son” scheme for charity and asking Jose if he wants to take part. It will, of course, be fixed, so I get Jose as my daddy. I’ll have to spot him at the gym, watch him pump up his vein plastered muscles, help him squeeze his posing trunks over his thick meaty quads, apply his tan and oil, watch him practising his cocky powerful in your face posing over and over again, sleep in his bed…that sort of thing! Think Jose would be game?!


      Friday, 27 January 2012


      Imagine what it would feel like to get your greedy little muscle loving hands on the insanely ripped hard striated glutes of a bodybuilder. To slide your hand under the obscenely bright shiny posing trunks and feel that rock hard muscle ass under your fingers, and feel as the muscle freak the glutes are attached to tenses and clenches those huge hard buns of beef. To try and pinch but the skin is so wafter thin, and the glutes are so freakishly hard that it’s physically impossible, and you’re left with no option but to just feel, tap, prod and explore that huge hard clenched ripped up inhuman freaky bodybuilder ass…

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