Thursday, 1 December 2011


I don't know what the FUCK they're putting in the water over in Russia but there's some seriously huge muscle lads pumping stomping strutting flexing and squeezing their stuff over there at the moment. If you like your young pumped roided Russian cuties, you're gonna love Ivan Kochetkov. The guy is spunk on a tan drenched stick. Big ripped roided beef bulging off of every inch of his body, begging to be admired, adored and worshipped. And the face?? KER-HUH-YUTE!! Ivan's a gorgeous dreamy sexy little rotter with a cheeky boyish charm *sighs*. I'm in love.

To Russia....with SPUNK!!


  1. There's always something cooking in Russia. I'm not into twinks, but Ivan is an exception I just couldn't refuse. Too bad we don't get to see his ass (except a little in the video).

  2. nice video the kid really goes for it!!! Needs to find better posers to show off the goods.


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