Friday, 9 December 2011


Andrey Skoromnyy has a lot of hot huge young Russian bodybuilders to compete for attention with. There’s Ivan “I’m Cute With A Caption Q And Don’t You Forget it” Kochetkov, Victor “I’m Also A Rotten Cutie And Might Be Popping Up On The Blog Sometime In The Near Future” Shamin, and of course, Alexey “My Ridiculously Cute Young Looking Head Does Not Match My BEAST Of A Bod And I’m So Damn Huge Most Pictures Of Me Look Morphed” Lesukov!

And yet there’s something really special about Andrey. And I think I know what that “something” is. THE BODY!! It’s just fucking insane that anyone can be this shockingly huge and freakishly conditioned at the age of 22! It should be illegal. In fact, lock the huge beast up and throw away the key. Just make sure you lock me in there with him before you do!

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