Saturday, 17 December 2011



Seth may not have competed this year, but there's enough amazing videos & pics of this huge handsome All American muscle boy to keep any muscle addict happy for years. Seth is an absolute TANK, with those huge wide slabby muscle tits of his being his most awesome feature. I'm surprised Seth isn't a hunchback by now with the weight of those 2 thick heavy pillows of pure American beef strapped to his chest.


Frank dug out his posing trunks & returned to the bodybuilding stage this year after a short absence. Looking as big, freaky and shredded as he ever did, he placed 3rd at the Tampa Bay Pro and 4th at the Toronto Pro. He also competed at this years Olympia, but sadly did not place. Frank now seems just a little less of a pretty boy than he used to be, and seems to have adopted a slightly nastier, more mature, "round round the edges" quality...and it works for me BIG TIME!! Fortunately he's also retained that outrageously arrogant, nasty, in yer face, OTT attitude on stage. Fuck to the yes!


Sadly Paco didn't compete this year either, and I have a couple of theories as to why!

Theory 1) Paco is now so grotesquely huge his feet can no longer contain the ridiculous mountain of roided beef weighing down on them, and he is no longer able to walk.

Theory 2) Paco is now such a nasty mountain of muscle monstrosity he can no longer fit through his front door...even when he turns sideways, thus rendering the poor muscle freak housebound. Fancy a few visitors Paco?

Theory 3) Paco is now so obscenely monstrous and heavy, he has been banned from bodybuilding competitions for fear he may destroy/collapse any stage he attempts to walk on.


French beast Luc is on those bodybuilders where pictures just don't do him justice. You have to see him on video to grasp just how much of an insanely pumped freakishly vascular muscle monster he is! If you're a Luc fan I highly recommend the 2010 Tampa Bay Pump Room DVD from USAMuscle. They just re-name it "The Luc Show", there's about 20 minutes of footage of this muscle freak pumping and posing in a pump room, his juicy muscle tits PLASTERED in nasty veins.


It's been a good year for Ben "Pacman" Pakulski. He placed 4th at the Australian Grand Prix, and 5th at the Flex Pro Championships. I'd love to seen Ben explode into an even bigger monster in 2012.

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  1. Great to see the massive paco Bautista in this shot,how thick are those arms?.dont get what this orange body stain is about ,looks dreadful....why do they do it?.great site thanks


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