Friday, 30 December 2011


The moment I really started to love Robert Burneika was when I saw him on the 2010 NPC Nationals pump room DVD from USAMuscle. I was just completely blown away by the sight of this bald headed BEAST pumping up his ridiculously huge, monstrous arms, which looked almost as wide as his head!! He kept pump pump pumping those huge guns, looking down at them, every now and then aggressively gritting his teeth, grunting and growling, and at 1 point even exclaimed "let's get those guns pumped"!! The camera kept closing in on his HUGE hard superhuman muscle mass twitching and flexing and tensing, as he pumped and pumped to get as big and freaky as possible before he strutted his stuff on the stage and flexed and posed for an audience of admirers grappling with their feelings of awe, arousal, fear, and envy. And all the time he was pumping and posing his huge freaky BEEF in that pump room, between the grunts and growls, he had an awesome/friendly/cheeky banter going on with Nicki Henry (Dave Henry's wife) who was tanning him up, showing off his awesome/cheeky/friendly/warm/nice guy personality! Rob just clearly loves being an absolute monstrous muscle freak of nature/Muscle GOD sent from Heaven. Guess what Rob? We fucking love it too!!

More Robert Burneika in the link below:

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  1. You forgot to mention how damn handsome he is!


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