Wednesday, 28 December 2011


There are tons of awesome muscle videos on YouTube, but every now and then I'll come across a video which just completely blows me away. A video I'll watch with my eyeballs popping out of my head while thinking "FUCK this is amazing and so fucking horny I might literally explode at any give second". I'll usually watch these kind of videos over and over for a little while, then store it away before coming across it again one day to re-discover just how amazing, awesome, horny and ball emptying it is!!

Below are 5 of those videos (click on the video names for links to YouTube if you prefer to watch the videos there)!

Noisy bodybuilders drive me fucking INSANE!! If there's 1 thing which tips me over the edge, it's a huge muscle freak squeezing flexing and posing while shouting, yelling, grunting or groaning like a fucking animal!! It's totally unnecessary which is one of the reasons I love it so much! Any bodybuilder making noise on stage is blatantly just doing it for effect/attention (like they fucking need anymore of that). It's just so outrageous, in your face, nasty, arrogant, it's the ultimate display of a cocky bodybuilder, shouting/screaming/yelling/grunting/groaning as they squeeze their huge, pumped, superhuman, superior, freaky, muscle mass. FUCK. YES! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!

I watched this video having never heard of Mohamed before so my initial thoughts were "who the FUCK is this absolute MONSTER drenched in the most perfect tan and oil and will I ever see anything as hot as this in life ever again"?!! Mohamed is one of those guys who is so huge and PUMPED he looks like someone has shoved a bicycle pump up his hot muscled ass and just gone hell for leather pump pump pumping him up until he almost bursts!!

This is a bit of a classic for me! The reason I love it so much is because Gustavo Baddell is so fucking arrogant and shouts out really loud with almost every pose he hits!! King Kamali decides to get in on the action too, acting like an absolute animal and letting out a huge yell as he squeezes a big Most Muscular during the posedown!


Antoine & Tony Searle in competition condition, huge and ripped posing as the camera closes in on the shredded freaky muscle. Absolutely incredible video, the highlight being Antoine squeezing out a big freaky muscle popping vein erupting Most Muscular starting at 1:16 with that cocky "eat shit" expression on his handsome face. Listen very closely for the hot grunt at around 1:18. Insanely HOT!!

An outstanding comparisons vid from the 2011 Australian Grand Pix Pro. The stand out guys for me here are Ben Pakulski, Dennis Wolf and Johnnie Jackson. Some of my favourite parts below the video...

1:13 - Jackson V Wolf side chest. They both look insanely pumped huge and awesome, both brimming with fucking attitude, but I LOVE it when Wolf, face arrogantly scrunched, does the mouth "SNAP" as he hits the pose!!

1:46 - Wolf throws his arms behind his head, arrogantly nods then BAM hits the pose, as Jackson hisses like a fucking snake, and some chap in the audience bellows "WOOLF...WOOLF".

3:19 - Ben bigs up the crowd, that insane/arrogant/crazy look on his face before going into a big Most Muscular, letting out a big arrogant "hooooo" sound and then squeeeeezing the beef hard.

3:22 - Time for Jackson & Wolf to squeeze their BIG Most Musculars whilst making crazy/horny/HOT little grunts. Am I in Noisy Muscle Heaven??

3:26 - Wolf opens his mouth wide, nasty aggressive expression on his face and lets out a mean nasty arrogant "aaaahhhhh" as he squeezes the beef like he's gonna pop at any moment. A-MA-ZING!!


  1. each post better than the last.

  2. Loved the section on Glutes 3 & 4, love to see No 1 & 2. wish mine was that defined and muscled


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