Friday, 16 December 2011


British bodybuilders never seem to get the praise and attention they deserve! Dave Guest is one of the best amateur competitors from recent years. He won his class at this years NABBA Universe, but sadly lost out on the overall title. So what makes Dave so special? Firstly, there's the brutal bod! Not only is he big, pumped and juicy to awesome proportions, he also has an incredibly aesthetic looking physique, with his big round juicy pecs, boulder biceps and hot little set of hard abs. He also happens to be a real looker. Gorgeous and sexy, he's very butch and masculine, but also has a really cute boyish charm. HOT HOT HAWWWT!!

And then there's the personality. Dave has such a nice guy vibe about him. He seems to have a real gentle, unassuming, down to Earth nature, despite the fact he's a ripped up roided up jacked up muscle BEAST. It's such a fucking horny contrast!! And then there's the adorable way he puffs out his mouth and pokes his tongue out in concentration when he's squeezing his jacked up British BEEF. WOOF WOOF fucking WOOF!!



  1. Beef is served. Time to worship this huge motherfucker. Delectable.

  2. Wow, great genetics.

    His most musculars are the business, and he's very cute too.

    Great proportions and overall development. He muscles are full, thick and dense, which for me gets the thumbs up.

    MuscleAddict, you are unrelenting - great stuff, thanks.

  3. Handsome muscle stud.... pure British beef. Makes my cock so fuckin' hard.


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